Archives for September 2010

 My cowdog, Puncher is a high energy Border Collie. That’s like a double shot of espresso on steroids. She needs lots of exercise just to calm down enough to practice working cattle.  So here is what we do every morning. I mean EVERY never missed a day unless I was out of town morning. At daylight in the […]

Last summer I found this vintage cotton hand dyed batik in an antique shop in downtown Charleston, West Virginia. The detail is stunning. Look at the border. A very unique peice of fabric. I love, love, love, batik.  In prior life I must have lived in India, or Bali. I can tell by the detail, and […]

I wanted to make a dog bed for Puncher so she could hang out with me while I am in my studio.  I like my dogs to have their own “spot” in the house or a room.  It gives them a place to be that is just theirs. They like that.  I also needed the bed to […]