I wanted to make a dog bed for Puncher so she could hang out with me while I am in my studio.  I like my dogs to have their own “spot” in the house or a room.  It gives them a place to be that is just theirs. They like that.  I also needed the bed to be attactive to look at, since I am an artist you know.

I took an old washable comforter from a queen size bed and folded it on itself twice.  Measured it, and cut the fabric to fit like a giant pillow case, of which the fancy name would be “duvet cover”.  If you have ever bought one at Bed Bath and Beyond, you know they get an extra $50 bucks for using the french word “duvet”  pronounced doo-vay.   I digress.

This fabric is some that I had in my stash. It is a batik, 100% cotton, washable, most likely used for quilting, I bought it on EBay.   You can use anything that goes with your room.  I LOVE ANYTHING BATIK!!

I finished the open end like a pillow case, then carefully chose some vintage buttons, and used my Bernina to automatically sew them both, buttons and hole.  Vintage buttons means “from my Mason Jar of old buttons”.

Viola!!  Puncher has an attractive new bed.  Sometimes shared with others. If you want to know how to train the dog to stay on the bed.    Stay tuned…….

I would love to make one for you. Just need measurments.

CowgirlRed             (Terah)