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Today I realized that I am a “Snapshot-ographer”.  I am not Photographer. Photography is the process or art of producing images. Snapshot-ography is me shooting from the hip quickly with a pocket camera and hoping for the best. It is ridiculously, dangerously impossible to take photographs (art) while simultaneously participating in the event. The artist in […]

Last night, right about dark, Paint and Pardner were grazing up close to the house.  I could hear them. The windows were open, “munch, munch, step, step”.  Really, you can hear horses eating grass. it’s not as quiet as you would imagine. I went outside to say hi and give them both a pet and to […]

After Oklahoma City I had to buy a few head of new practice cattle for Puncher. That is, I wanted to sell some and replace them with cattle that aren’t so wise to the dog training drill. I have to make sure Puncher is really herding them, not simply following them around while they are following me. Who is trained better? Cattle or dog? […]

[youtube=] Here is a video of Puncher and me at our second ever cattle dog trial. It is the Oklahoma State Fair last month. I had a few epiphanies that day. One: My practice cattle at home are really well trained. Two: Adrenaline can produce a blackout much like alcohol. Three: Video adds 20 lbs […]