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This is a very philosophical topic. Too much or not enough?  It is right up there with “Is the glass half-full or half-empty?”  I think a person is one or the other.  No matter how hard I try I seem to remain a half-empty person while T.H. is a half-full person.  You would think this […]

Very early yesterday morning I got all dressed up to meet my friend in town and drive to Wichita for a luncheon and fashion show at a Country Club.  Woo Hooo! A girly day. Happy Happy! I drove out of the ranch about 7:30 am. It takes 25 minutes to get to town. I was all dressed up, county […]

It’s like Pavlov’s Dogs in the winter around here. My horses see me.  They come running. I know they like me, but they LOVE what I represent. Groceries. Now this all takes place in silence because obviously horses can’t talk. So I am going to interpret their body language for you. At least this what […]

This fabric is so crazy and bright and passionate.  It looks like an abstract painting. It ia another remnant I purchased at Santa Fe Fabrics in November. There are so few boutique fabric stores left anywhere. I am always on a mission to find them wherever I travel. This is how I finish the seams […]

The Creative Every Day Theme for February Is Passion I’m all about Passion. Passion is the word.  That word for me is Red. I have a fairly large stash of red.   Afterall, it is my favorite color. This remnant I found in a cute little shop close to San Francisco last fall. It was only 3/4 […]

On the west end of the ranch, T.H.(Trophy Husband) has a high fence area with a small elk herd. It’s a couple hundred acres of very rugged terrain with lots of grass and trees and hills and two creeks. The fence is about 8 ft. high. It is for trophy hunting of “exotic” type game animals.      He […]