Last Sunday TH and I drove to Wichita for the day. Most of which was spent in the obligatory trudging through Home Depot and Lowes.  However, we did stop at my favorite little Antique Mall.
It is not little. It is huge. It goes on for acres and acres. You know the kind where there are booths of stuff everywhere. They ought to put a disclaimer on the word “Antique” because most of  these “Antiques” were items circa. my childhood, teenage and college years. By that I am  deeply offended.
My M.O. when shopping this place is to cruise rather swiftly down the aisles and when an item jumps up and grabs my attention…then stop. The first item that grabbed my eye was this vintage thread spool holder. It is perfect for my studio.  I collect antique spools of thread and bobbins. I bought it right away.

I have been looking for a worktable with some character for my studio.  I found this  vintage ” high school chemistry table”. It must be close to “vintage” year  of the 1974.  I bought it.  I just love all the marks, dents and scratches. It’s a slight homage to the fact that I barely passed Chemistry. That was during the vintage “slide rule” era. I could not figure out how to use one .  Calculators were barely invented then…. Seriously.

I was instantly mesmerized by this item. My eyes were involuntarily glued to this “vintage” clock. My subconscious was willing that second hand to sweep  faster around to the 12 and for the bell to ring. I did not buy this old school clock of my youth. I spent the best 12 years of my life staring at one. I was starting to get that familiar stomach ache caused by teenage angst. Moving on.
Now for the “piece de resistance” (that’s French).
 Ladies and Gentlemen I give you……
  “The Famous 3D Antique Bleach Blond Jesus”.
This is some serious vintage 3D. When you walk past the colors change and it moves a little. Somehow, in my Presbyterian upbringing, I missed Jesus’ surfer years.  It was probably just a brief phase he went through. That must be why there are so few pictures of the sun-bleached Jesus. This picture could be worth a fortune! I’ll pass for now.  Note to self….Will do some research on the Internet.  Could have been an advertisement for “Sun In”?
Love,  Cowgirl Red   aka  Terah

P S My studio. I will have to go pick up the chemistry table next week. It would not fit in my Subaru.


  1. The thread holder is an eye catching conversation piece. Now one could say the same about surfer Jesus, but he totally creeps me out. I'm sorry.

    I love the science table!! We had big tables like that in school, too. I come from the slide rule, no calculator days myself. The "calculators" were big clunky noisy things in offices that you had to crank down a lever on them–no lie! I remember hearing the rumor that they were making something in Texas that you could hold in the palm of your hand. Pishposh! And when computers took up huge temperature controlled rooms with raised floors to hold all the wiring, they were talking about coming out with "home" computers? Who would have the room? Pishposh! 😉

    Just seeing that clock brought back instant visceral memories for me, too. But besides test anxiety, I loved being at school and much preferred it to home, so it was a bit more comforting to me.

    Such fun! I can hardly wait to see pictures of the table in your studio–which I love, BTW. 🙂

  2. Catherine... says

    LoL, I'm from that vintage age of slide rules…I found mine in the loft last summer… my kids thought it was cool but completely useless… the first calculators were about £100. Chemistry…clocks… Disco Bob is after me…. 🙂 Beach Bum Jesus is just creepy..My parents sent me to a Convent for my education so anything Religious sends me screaming for the hills..
    The thread holder… now your talking girl… love it..

    Disco Bob got me well and good this week.. but thankfully I've managed to give him the slip for now… have a good weekend…

  3. Lisa at Greenbow says

    Your spool and bobbin holder looks perfect in your studio. That clock did stir up some memories for me too…Is my speech long enough, when will it be 3pm?… Hmmmm I am sure I missed Jesus's surfer years too. You crack me up.

  4. pluckychickenheart says

    Love the spool holder. Am jealous and I don't even sew. ( well) ) I went to Quaker school growing up and despite having a ex priest for a father I knew pretty much nothing about Catholicism. I had friends who were confirmed and seemed to be in tight with Hawt White Jaysus but I never got into that club. Sigh. I think because of my father I was automatically doomed to hellfire anyway.

    Speaking of vintage …my daughter when she was 8 asked if back when I was a kid ( ya know 1975?) was the world black and white?

    uh huh. Swear to Hawt White Jaysus.