I met my Muse in person yesterday.
I do not fancy myself a quilter. I’ve made three quilts from different patterns in order to see what the fuss was all about. It’s way too restrictive for me. Too balanced and predictable. Too similar to my accounting career. 
I started this project with no plan and no attachment to the outcome.  I am dedicated  to re-training my right brain after a 25 year “left brain career” as a CPA. 
 Here is the non-process of the non-attachment.
I started with 7 Fat Halves from my stash. (a late night EBay shopping spree 2 years ago)
 I studied them for about one hour while cleaning up my studio. 
I dove in with an “Edward Scissor Hands” impersonation randomly cutting squares and rectangles in 1″ increments .(slight measuring here)

I sewed pieces together into blocks. No two blocks are the same size or pattern.

I cut the blocks randomly, trying to break up big swaths of any single fabric.

I flipped the cut pieces, sewing them back together and top stitched the seams.
I kept cutting and flipping and sewing until they looked good to me.

I sewed the blocks together. Still cutting and flipping all the way. 

As larger pieces took shape I still didn’t know what it was going to be.
The fabric itself soon told me.
The final two large pieces were both long and narrow. I thought, “Wow, they look really close in size”. I held them up together and voila! Without having measured anything, they were exactly the same length.
 An eerie, exciting feeling came over me.
 My Muse was in the room.
With the two pieces sewn together, it’s a lap quilt. Still unmeasured. 
 I will take it to my favorite custom quilter. She can take it from here.  
My Muse and I have some play to do.

Love,  Cowgirl Red      aka  Terah


  1. OMG!!! That is gorgeous! I love that it is not all uniform and planned–and all those colors and patterns! That's all you! Giving credit to a little muse inspiration, of course. I love it!! :):)

  2. Fairchild Farmgirl says

    That looks great! My mom used to do something like these called crazy quilts. They were beautiful!

  3. Catherine... says

    Well done Terah….. I love not measuring….. even better when it all comes together….

  4. giddy up says

    Wow Terah! what a great quilt top! Reading your comment about it being restrictive… I used to teach quilting classes and one thing to remember about the "rules" of quilting… there are none always have fun… It's fun to do what ever you want, your top is great!

  5. pluckychickenheart says

    Terah that is gorgeous! You have really awesome sense of color. I'm with you when it comes to measuring. I mean..I know I should measure twice cut once and all but…. well screw it. :o)


  6. Cowgirl Red says

    Thank you for the comments. I love reading all of your blogs also. What a creative bunch you are. xoxo Terah

  7. Lisa at Greenbow says

    Hmmmm I know I left a comment about this beautiful quilt top. My computer must have been bucky that day. I have had trouble with it. I love these hot colors. I have never tried to do a quilt because I can't sew a straight line. Heck, I can't walk a straight line. I remember taking Mishka (my lab) to obedient classes so I could be taught how to handle a big headstrong dog and the instructor told me "if you would walk straight he could follow". Ha.. I thought I was walking straight.


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