In the Cowgirl World, a “Saddle Series” is a series of  horse competitions over time with the winner taking home a new trophy saddle. Barrel Racing, Cutting, Ranch Sorting.  All western events have them. The saddles are highly prized in the horse kingdom.  I’ve never won one.  I may buy one on EBay someday.
My “Saddle Series” is a title for a regular monthly blog post of snapshots…  taken by me… while I was sitting on the saddle I did not win…. and the saddle I did not win is sitting on the horse I will never part with. Please saddle up and come a long for the ride.

You look like your mother.
Waiting to be called.
Got bite?
 Cowdog jacuzzi tub.
Moving them up one hole.
Cattle stuffed in every nook and cranny. Need grass. No rain.
Moving them up another hole.
Bovine bling.
Mother nature provides the bling.
More steers need a grassy home.
Shorty stays.
Steers going to the sale barn a month too soon.
Big steers going to the feedlot. No grass here.
 Moving  restless pairs again.
Old dog wants to go. At least some weeds are green.
Momma cows waiting on a truckload of  their calves.
Mothering up on the way to grass.
Looking down at a cactus flower.
 Turtle flower.
Moving to new pasture again. No green to be seen.

Bevo.  15 year old roping steer and his harem girls.

What this asana called?

These are my favorites from the last month of dirt, sweat and tears.  Tell me what you think. Pretty please.  Too long? Too short? Just right? What do you like the best?
Love,   Cowgirl Red    aka   Terah
P S Last photo was not taken from the saddle. Really.


  1. Lisa at Greenbow says

    I think this is just enough because you leave us wanting more. Like any visit you always want to have that feeling of wanting to return. Love the short sentences you use for the narrative too. A little explaination is good and the entertaining (bovine bling) captions are a sweet giggle. I will be praying for rain in your area. Frightening drought you are in. I can see that the only thing green and blooming are the things that you can't really use. However that cactus bloom is gorgeous.

  2. pluckychickenheart says

    I love your point of view with your camera Terah. It is a really natural extension of your words and your take on things. Turtle Flower! What Asana is this? Beautiful. Not to mention viewing your life through your photos and blog is the closest this city girl will ever get to living on a working ranch.

    I think these creatures are magnificent too btw. I like how you show them honestly. No sentimentality, no romance but true respect and affection and sometimes exasperation.


  3. B @ Sweet Limes says

    My thoughts are that you take great pictures. I busted up with the jacuzzi tub dog…too funny. I adore the painting mother nature created on that one cow, it's simply beautiful. The cactus flower is stunning, I wish I had a cactus here…and that last horse picture is awesome. Seriously Terah, I love how you see things when you look through the camera and I love seeing what you're life is like because it couldn't be more different then the one live and love, but you make it look so tempting…

  4. This city girl can't pick a favorite! I am delighted with them all and can't wait to see all your saddle series for July! Awesome! I love seeing your world thru your eyes. Your sense of humor gives me a giggle, too–like turtle flower, cowdog jacuzzi, bling… The cactus is beautiful, Bevo's got some downright scary horns, biting a bull's nose is like Wonder Dog in my book, and I had to google asana. This was great!! From start to finish! :):)

  5. Catherine... says

    Hi Terah,

    Love your pictures… I've became an armchair cowgirl….so much safer… wow that steer's got some set of horns on him…. I hear you re rain problem, we have had a few drops of rain in the last couple of days…but the livestock are suffering…. will pop by later…my pizza is buzzing….

  6. Cowgirl Red says

    Thank you all so much! This is so valuable to me. I love you ladies. Terah

  7. Terah, I think your pictures are wonderful. You are teaching me so much through your eyes and words. I too live a very different life than yours but I am in awe of what you accomplish each day. I have a feeling we are going to have a rain problem here this summer as well but for me personally it is an inconvenience but for you and your cattle it can be so much more. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Hope the rain comes soon and often. Thank you so much for sharing your life with me.

  8. You have such an amazing eye for beauty in everything. I love your pictures and funny comments. My favorites are the turtle flower and Paint doing yoga. Haha!