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My blogging buddy Suzanne at  Fairchild Farmgirl asked me to write a guest post for her weekly series: CRAZY MONDAYS, MY MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENTS IN AGRICULTURE (Click above and you will fly there) There are so many to choose from after 20 years in the saddle, but one stands out in my memory. Etched in shame, […]

My  horse shoer broke up with me yesterday.  I’m really busted up about it.  In fact, I’m devastated. If I still drank, I’d be drunk right now.  This is the most upsetting break up I’ve ever experienced.And I’ve been married three times. (My perspective may be off slightly due to all that drinking) It’s not like I’m […]

  BLUE is the theme for Creative Everyday Challenge 2011  month of July. I took an Artist’s Date to Wichita last Saturday. I found a delicious new (to me) fabric shoppe in the Delano District where I spent two hours and a few hundred dollars re-supplying my stash. The ladies at Material Girls Quilt Shoppe helped me find the backing […]

T.H. and I have been getting along pretty well lately. Not one skirmish in the sorting pens. Because lately there haven’t been any cattle to sort.  Today he wants to gather 80 cows and calves, sort, doctor and move them to the west pasture.  He drives out in the pickup to see where they are. […]

Does anyone remember Ralph E Wolf and Sam the Sheepdog ? From Looney Tunes? ( Ralph is really Wile E Coyote, in case you didn’t know) The other day when  Puncher and I were moving pairs, images of  Ralph and Sam waltzed right into my noggin. You see, when Puncher sets out to move cattle, they “skee-daddle.” […]

 I stated that the leopard print pillow I made last week was my favorite creation to date. That is no longer true. This leopard pillow is my new favorite creation to date on my Cowgirl Red Blog.      I used that same skirt for inspiration and the same technique.I’m calling it “Reverse Applique”. I placed the bias strips horizontally […]

The Black “Baldie” Cow.  They are “snowflakes” wrapped in cowhide. From afar they look the same. Up close, no two are alike. They are a work of art. Sometimes the big snowflakes have little snowflakes. That look just like their mamas. Thus negating my snowflake theory. Did anyone ever tell you….. “You look just like […]

This may well be my favorite creation to date on my Cowgirl Red Fiber Art Blog. The inspiration was my favorite summer skirt on the right. I don’t know what the technique is called.  It is two layers of fabric, appliqued and cut out randomly.  The fabric on the left is an extremely cheap (price […]