While T.H. and I were wandering around Salida, Colorado enjoying the cool weather, I discovered another set of   vintage quilt blocks  .  They were a bit more expensive than the $18 I paid in Wichita. They were $40 (started at $55) which was do-able.  However, they were slightly yellowed with age and had some spots on them.  It concerned me.  Carol, the antique shop owner, shared a secret recipe with me for getting out the yellow and spots on vintage linens and quilts.  I was a little wary, but wanted to make another vintage/modern quilt top so I bought them. My thoughts were “try it, if it doesn’t work I’m out 40 bucks”. What can I say? I’m a risk taker.  I bummed the $40 off of T.H. anyway so really no risk.
Well my friends,  I am here to tell you that the secret recipe worked!!!( I couldn’t get a good enough before and after picture so you will have to take my word) Dull yellow and spots be gone!!! I am so excited about the process it is no longer a secret!! Here it is!!
The Secret is Out!
1/3 cup of Dawn dish soap
1/3 cup of Clorox 2
1/3 cup of Cascade dish washing powder
(and I threw in a sprinkle of Oxy-Clean for good measure)

I put it in my washing machine (you can hand wash, I never do that) filled it up with water, set it on delicate, let it agitate a little then turned it off for a couple hours to soak.  Finished the cycle then ran it though delicate/hand-wash one more time to get all the soap out.  Then air dry.  PERFECTION!!!
The vintage blocks then spoke to me of denim.  I have a stash of jeans. Some have never been worn. I chose some designer looking jeans that were not stretchy and looked like new. Actually they were here when I moved to the ranch and married T.H.  They were size 2.  Obviously belonged to a former girlfriend. I had no qualms about destroying several pair of brand new size 2 designer jeans. Would you?
It was all for the sake of my art.
This is fun.  I get a big kick out of taking vintage blocks and giving them a modern look.  I feel a sense of a spiritual connection with someone’s grandmother who stitched these mostly by hand.
I feel nothing for the woman that wore those jeans.
So for all you skinny bitches…. this is what you can do with your size 2 designer jeans.
You should keep better track of them.
Love,  Cowgirl Red   aka  Terah
P.S.  That cedar chest full of my mother and grandmother’s vintage linens….. that I can’t use but can’t part with either ….. secret recipe coming your way.


  1. Wow! Now you'll be going wild with your secret recipe (that's not a secret anymore–hehe!). This turned out so sweet–despite the bitch's size 2 jeans–LOL!! I don't have to worry. In fact, you could probably make an entire quilt from mine–ROFL!! 😉 Really pretty, Terah!

  2. That is soooo pretty! Love the new design of the site! Ya dun good lady!

  3. Love what you've done with the squares… poor skinny bitch must be cold without her jeans…. 🙂 hope your not caught up in the fires that I've been seeing on French TV…..

  4. Thans Rita, Suzanne and Cat! No fires here. Terah

  5. Love it! I am going to have to try the not so secret…secret recipe.
    Kim Long