I have not forsaken y’all.
I’ve been through a bit of a “dry” time with my writing.
Another  “discombobulation” . –it happens.
In the meantime,  I’ve experienced a creative burst with my sewing.
I pulled this out of the stash bestowed upon me by my very alive Aunt in Santa Fe.
It’s a floor sample from her days as an interior decorator in the 80’s.
It qualifies as vintage.
I lay it out and look at it.
Hmmm… appears like just enough for a 20 X 20 throw pillow.
I start cutting and sewing like Edward Sicissorhands.
That was a close call.
A simple closure.
I just love it when it when a plan comes together.
All that remains.
Love,  Cowgirl Red    aka   Terah
P.S. Here is a peek at some projects that have consumed me this past week. And I mean that in a good way.
A commission for pillows and a throw.

Marbled silk from  Solace Studios


  1. The patterns and colors on your pillow are stunning together!!!!!! Great choices!

  2. Fantastic Terah! Will you show the commissioned piece when it is done? Love those colors.


  3. Wow! No wonder we haven't seen you. You've been a busy lady. Gorgeous! That's some exotic 80s fabric that you put to good use, as usual. And commissions must come first. A woman has to feed her critters. 😉 So glad to see you back, though.

  4. Love those patterns. The red paisley is very yummy. I am glad ot hear you have been busy.

  5. I wish you were either my next foor neighbor or sister…then you could make me these beautiful things as gifts! =) Just kidding, but Cowgirl, you are such a talent!

  6. I love the pattern you took with the materials and I love the button closure…so fresh, so cool! I also wish you were my neighbor so we could talk art idea's and I could go for a walk on that lovely ranch!!!

  7. Thanks everybody! Your comments fill me up! xoxo Terah

  8. Hi Tereh, love the cushion…fantastic vibrant colours… 80's vintage… If like me you were young in the 80's I like to think of myself as Retro…but totally cool for fabric to be vintage… 🙂 glad your back with us..

  9. I love that fabric! Gorgeous!

  10. I love that fabric! Gorgeous!