After my horses were banished to the Trap Pasture   , I decided it might be a good time to get Pard and bring him in by himself and mess with him some.  I’m still reeling a little bit from that bad day we had at the horse show last summer when he became the “Devil Horse”.    Plus he’s not a fatso like the others and I want to feed him extra.
He needs to learn how to be comfortable alone.  That is not natural for a horse as they are a “herd” animal. But they can get used to it with time and patience. And if they have no choice like what is fixin’ to happen to Pard.  So I headed out there on the 4 Wheeler and caught him up. I’m starting a new method of taking pictures over my shoulder. It’s fun. I just hold it on burst setting and blast away and hope for the best.
I always wanted to know what goes on behind me with these critters when I’m not looking.  Now I know.  I see a little white dog that may be trying to be a little too helpful.
Anyway I continue to amuse myself in new ways.
For the record ….. Pard is not the brightest horse I’ve ever had, but he is sweet. Things happen to Pard. Sometimes he just doesn’t know what to do with his body.  I  slow down to cross a little stream and feel a little tug on the lead rope.  I look back. I have to stop because I can’t stop laughing.
Pard’s expression is priceless. It says it all.

“Oops.  Sorry Red.  I did it again. I get confused. Don’t suppose you could help a guy out could you?”

And I’m thinking …” Pard, my friend, how many times have I lead you off the 4-Wheeler?  Maybe a hundred? ”
So, my question is this …..  Do you think animals get embarrassed?

I do.

 Love,  Cowgirl Red   aka  Terah


P.S.  I am loving having him in by himself.  His attention is off the other horses and on me. He only screamed for two days.


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  1. Looking forward to foundation shows in the spring. Love the pictures. Hes a good horse just need some one on one attention.

  2. I bet they do.
    This is a lovely story and clicking your camera backwards is such a brilliant idea.
    I know little of horses, but he is a beauty!

    • Gwen, Thanks, he has a cute personality. That comes out in the pictures. Thanks for reading and commenting. Terah

  3. I think Pard is just showing you the horse equivalent of humans forgetting what they meant to get in another room as soon as they cross the threshold. He was just in the midst of deep thoughts when he stepped into the rope.

    Too cute!


    • Mari, Yes, he was worrying about the other horses left behind and forgot where his feet were. Thanks for reading and commenting. Terah

  4. you and your animals crack me up….
    I read the Honey Badger story while drinking my morning coffee and almost spit it out from laughing so hard. My dog Maggie came running over to see what had happened…funny, surely they must think us strange..haaaaa

  5. Oh, that was priceless!! Yes, I know animals can be embarrassed! Cats hate to look the fool, I tell you. Dogs–not so much. Pard definitely looked a titch on the mortified side–LOL!

    The over the shoulder shots were awesome. Have a great time with Pard! 🙂

  6. Lisa at Greenbow says

    This is too cute. I think Pard was a bit embarrased or irritated. Good thing you didn’t pull him over. I know my dog gets embarrased from time to time. She hates to puke in her own den. This happens ever so often. She would rather do it outside. Poor girl. If she would just learn she wasn’t a horse and not eat grass she would be ok.

  7. Fantastic photos! Pard reminds me of my sister’s dog- a wonderful dog but she gets tangled up like Pard all the time when we are walking with her.

  8. I love your cowgirl stories! Merry Christmas.


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