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We’re having a deja vu moment.  We’ve been here before.  But, alas, Hollywood did not call when I pitched my “Biggest Looser.. Cowgirl Edition” to them.  Oh well, we’ll just do what most grown up Cowgirl’s do …. buy a bigger saddle. (metaphor for jeans). On last Sunday I decided I wanted to compete in […]

 Do you see that farthest little white dot out there? The first white dot is my little white dog. The second white dot is my mostly white horse, Paint, running away from me. This past Monday I decided that I want to go to a big Ranch Sorting Competition in Oklahoma City this coming Saturday. […]

I have been practicing with my new Free Motion Quilting Foot. I take one fat quarter ( 18″X22″) and make a quilt sandwich and just go for it.  I was just messing around but when I filled up the whole square, I thought ” This is almost the size of a pillow” Why not make […]

 Things happen to me. I fancy myself a pretty good hand with a horse. I feel comfortable multi-tasking while riding. I’ve led pack-strings in the mountains of Wyoming.  I’ve had cowboys let me hold calves with a rope while they doctor.  You know …. western cowboy stuff. I’m used to riding a horse and letting […]

The past few weeks I have been perfecting my technique of “Shoulder Shots”.  That is taking snapshots over my shoulder behind me while I’m riding or walking or 4-wheeling. What is the purpose of this? ( I know you are wondering) 1. First and foremost, for my own entertainment. 2. I’m very curious to see […]

 I am a “Snapshooter”.  Really. It’s in the dictionary even though WordPress doesn’t recognize it. It’s right above “Snapshot”.  A person who takes snapshots.“Snapshot” is a word made up in the year 1890. A casual photograph made typically by an amateur (me) with a small handheld camera (fits in my pocket). I spent a few […]