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I thought I would take you all with me on an afternoon of work/play for Paint, Puncher and me. I say work/play because it is ranch work. T.H. considers it work. I know it’s work. But for me, it’s what I live for. We unload at the pens and ride out to the cattle on a wheat […]

So ya’ll know how devastated I was at the breakup of my last relationship.  I have tried a couple rebound relationships since  “him”.  They just didn’t work out for various reasons. Mostly because they were too close to my own age. (Too old, too slow,too arthritic, too grumpy, too fat) I’ve decided that being a […]

  I’ve been traveling with Paint a little bit this winter. We haven’t really had a “winter” to speak of. That’s why I get to travel so much. No snow, no ice, no cold weather. Let’s hear it for global warming! Puncher, Paint and I have been slipping down to Oklahoma to some Ranch Sortings […]