I’m afraid T.H. thinks I’m having a fling with the UPS man.  I have been a little obsessed with him.  His name is Corey.  I have him on speed dial.  I’ve been tracking his every move. He’s delivering my new giant-sized koi. Because of the heat, I can’t take any chances of an afternoon delivery so I started stalking him….. Daily…..Hourly.

I am sad because I don’t think the little koi I ordered last week made it. I never saw them again. They probably met their demise at the jaws of our top predator, the large mouth bass. I try not to think about it.  Aside from the gruesome aspect, for which I feel totally responsible, that was some mighty expensive fish food.

I emailed the “Next Day Koi” store and asked them what were the biggest, baddest koi they had. (I left out the part about the previous shipment being swallowed) . They said they had some 15″ Premium Koi. And they had a premium price too, but I didn’t care. This is war. I will not be deterred.

My  Big-Bad-Ass-Koi arrived at 10AM.

The yellow one is a Yamabuki Ogon, or Lemon Koi.  The tri-colored one is a

They have big long Japanese names that I would like to learn someday. Raising Koi is an art form. Crazy people like me pay a fortune for them.  I saw some sell on eBay for hundreds of dollars. Really.
I just call  him Moby Dick.

I love them. I’m obsessed.  I want more.

The definition of obsession: you can’t stop. And I can’t.

I can’t stop looking at them.
And it turns out, I can’t stop  buying  them.

 I rushed back in the house and got on eBay and entered a bidding war on more koi. I am the worst at auctions. It’s personal.  When someone outbids me I immediately hate them. I bid on seven and only won one. That little 10″ silver one.I didn’t want to waste the shipping on one 10″ koi. They were happy to ship me two more 15″ premium bad ass koi for another premium price. My only request was I wanted lots of orange.

This necessitated continued stalking of the UPS man.  These three beauties arrived overnight. This time I drove to town and stalked Corey at his office, embarrassing him in front of his co-workers.

I can just hear them. “That red-hed is a nut!”

Yes I am.  The best part about being a nut is…… That is not news to me.

These new guys hid out for a few days and I was worried. T.H. has teased me unmercifully that the bass ate them too.


  1. ACH! Soooo jealous. I Love Koi. I want to paint them.



  2. Cindi Dunn says

    Terah…..I love you……you make me LAUGH ….and then LAUGH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love, cindi

  3. Lisa at Greenbow says

    You will have a pond full of koi in not too long what with those big bruisers cruising around the pond looking for fun. You might be surprised and the little ones show up some time. They could you know. I know you are having fun. I don’t blame you for stalking the UPS guy. Makes him feel important.

    • Yes Lisa, and it helps that the UPS guy is cute. Thanks for reading. Terah

  4. You are so funny! I think TH needs to cook you a bass supper so you can stop worrying! =) They are SOOO pretty though!

    • Suzanne, I want all the bass to die for their sins. Thanks for reading. Terah

  5. The smaller ones just might be hiding out. If they’re smart and didn’t get eaten they’d not show their faces till they were bigger. Never know. It’s a big pond.

    Regardless, your big boys are gorgeous!! I love the tri-colored ones the best, but the orange and white ones are awesome, too. Some people love the gold ones, but I am partial to the ones with orange spots. 🙂 I hope they will be okay. I hope you can get some more big boys, too!! Great pics, as usual!

    • Rita, They little ones may well be hiding. I hope so. I like the tri-colored ones the best too. Terah

  6. You are riot ~ you definitely have that Red Head feisty Spirit (my Mom, Grandmother and Aunt were all red heads ~ LOL ~ Trusting that your Koi are doing well ~ Great post ~ great photos ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  7. Tom LC Ranch says

    I think they have support groups for that 🙂

  8. They look pretty in the pond. Have to come see them. Good Luck , I think you should get some more. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding. Hope these survive.

  9. They are so beautiful and I just know they’ll be fine. Maybe they’ll breed and you can raise your own “king fish”! Wouldn’t that be fun? nancy

  10. Terah –
    I thought of you this morning as I was having my morning coffee. There was a story about how KOI are being stolen from ponds around Tulsa! 🙁 Isn’t that pitiful???
    I love reading anything you post, and must admit I am totally jealous of your life! Please let me know when you head this way next! We’ll grab any available T-town friends and party!


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