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I have a treasure chest in a Justin Boot Box. Last year I bought a whole box full of vintage quilt blocks for about $40. This is only about 1/10th of what’s in there. I would never tackle a project like these blocks even with modern fabrics.  It’s much too tedious for me. But there […]

I think I have that disorder that I saw on T.V.  It’s the one where people can’t recognize faces. It’s real. It exists and I just know I have it. I looked it up on Wikipedia. It’s very rare. It’s called “Prosopagnosia”.  A mother even went to her daycare and picked up the wrong child because […]

 Last  January as I pondered the eternal question …..  “What Was I Waiting For?”  , I started reclaiming my passion for Ranch Sorting with Paint and ultimately my passion for my life.  Last Saturday in Stillwater Oklahoma I won a trophy saddle. I was stunned. I was speechless. I am still speechless.   That was […]

 I’m back in the studio and does it ever feel good! I took an unintended hiatus because of marvelous Spring weather, lots of riding, playing with dogs and fish and being T.H.’s hired man.  The heat has finally driven me (willingly) up to my studio for my summer schedule. This was a little “warm-up”  project.  The […]

  It’s pretty quiet when I ride out by myself. Technically, I’m not by myself. There are three of us. My horse, my dog and me. But, they don’t say much. We’ve been friends for so long, there isn’t a whole lot more to say. “Come by …….. Hurry” “Easy” “Stop” “Wait” “Away” “Walk up,…. easy” […]

  Ace didn’t make it into the Worlds Greatest Cowdog like Puncher. But he has many talents. There is one though…… at which he excels. And that one is ….. He makes me laugh …… out loud …… at least once …….. every single …. solitary day. Love, Cowgirl Red   aka   Terah Check […]