Every few years I get the yearning for a donkey.

I’ve always wanted one.

Most women my age yearn for another baby.

I’ve never really cared for babies much.

Well …… I really liked the baby I had, but not enough to have another one.

I might feel that way about a donkey. I don’t know. I haven’t had one yet.

Meet “Romeo”. My friend’s donkey. He wants to re-home him.

My conversation with T.H. would go something like this:

Me:  “I really want a little donkey.”

T.H.: “What?”

Me: “I want a donkey before I get any older.”

T.H.: “You’re already too old to have a donkey.”

Me: “A lot of women my  age have donkeys.”

T.H.: “Donkeys live forever. You can’t kill them.”

Me: “Won’t it be nice to have a little friend in our old age?”

T.H.: “I don’t want to be in our 70’s still taking care of a donkey.”

Me: “It will keep us young.”

T.H.: “Who’s paying for this donkey?”

Me: “It’s a free donkey.”

T.H.: “If you get a donkey …. you’re paying for it!”

At this point, I would end the conversation.

Because we are right back where we ended up with the Porta-Potty.

The Donkey will appear and T.H. will never acknowledge it’s existence.

 Love Cowgirl Red      aka “Sister Sarah”


  1. It is my strong hope that you become the new companion to a donkey. You deserve a donkey. I also love that his name is Romeo – a very appropriate donkey name. I, of course, am the contented companion to three donkeys myself.

  2. Lisa at Greenbow says

    I just love donkeys too. They have the sweetest faces. It is good that you have horses, dogs, cats etc. They are pack animals too and must have company. Why am I telling you this? you know all this better than I. I am living vicariously through you. ha.. Just look at that sweet face. Even TH won’t be able to resist that.

  3. He is a handsome devil. Looks like he should live with you and your menagerie. Yup! He does. 😉

  4. OK I think you Confirmed my fears………………….YOU ARE NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!Still Love YOU!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!You watch your dogs around your new Donkey,,,Most of them HATE dogs and will try to kill them. We’ll talk about the donkey after he’s been there a few weeks! LOL!!!!