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  It’s hunting season in Kansas ……. again. T.H. bought himself this fake deer and planted it in the front yard. Where it stood for several weeks. Why?  You ask.  Why? I ask myself “Why?” several times a day when it comes to T.H. Puncher asked …. Every time she went out ….. “Why?” “Why is […]

 I’ve been doing some extensive field research for the ‘North American Armadillo Society’ * this fall. Based on my many real life random observations here is what I have learned about Armadillos. Horses never really know what to do with them. They have the power to back a horse up 10 ft. if they so […]

  Happy Happy Thanksgiving! My gratitude journal entry today November 22, 2012: Rick(T.H), the ranch, new house, Puncher, Morgane here, Misti snoring on my bed, Paint, Pard, Playboy, my friends, AA, barn cats, new kitty, my modern family, Linda, Lisa, Laura, my journey in life, Ross home from Egypt, Kansas, good health. The fact that […]

T.H. and I go to the sale barn every Thursday to buy a few head of steers. Lately he’s been too busy to go and he doesn’t trust me to go by myself so he’s been buying them on the internet from our local sale barn. We’re so modern. Embracing technology like that. Working remotely […]

I thought I would share a little “Quiet Time” with you today. We were trailing some cattle home from a pasture 5 miles away. It’s the Kansas way. You take some really gentle momma cows and calves. Put a feed truck in front of them and a horse behind them. And you have a “Walking […]

This is more of a “Show & Tell” post than my usual stories. This really happened. I was there. Last Tuesday . My buddy …”Playboy”… (real name is Max-Doc-O-Gold) …… I bought last summer from Joel Lesh …. just won the AQHA World Championship Team Penning in Oklahoma City! When I bought him from Joel in […]

Just when I think my little white “terrier-ist” is getting too old, she does something menacing …. Like kill a skunk ……. or corner a badger in the yard. Sometimes I forget to put her up before we go down the pens to work cattle. We all know how much “help” she can be. If […]