This is more of a “Show & Tell” post than my usual stories.

This really happened. I was there.

Last Tuesday .

My buddy …”Playboy”… (real name is Max-Doc-O-Gold) …… I bought last summer from Joel Lesh ….

just won the AQHA World Championship Team Penning in Oklahoma City!

When I bought him from Joel in June he was already qualified for the American Quarter Horse World Show in Oklahoma City in November. We agreed that I would bring him back for Joel to compete at there. I knew Joel had a really good chance of winning it so I was really looking forward to it. I hauled Playboy (Max-Doc-O-Gold) down there 3 weeks ago and kissed him goodbye for now. (I was sad to leave him)

Then the day of the competition came and I gathered up some girl friends and we went to watch and cheer and shop.

I thought I would take you all with us. Through my iPhone videos.
Round One. (Pardon my French)

 Finals Round. 


Victory Lap. 



AQHA World Champions, Open Team Penning, Joel, Sarah & Jordan Lesh.

(Playboy peaking his head around that fat guy in the middle)

 What tickles me the most is this.

He is the same pony we turned into a Painted Pony last summer.

My World Champion…..

 Max-Doc-O-“Coloring Book”

 Love,  Cowgirl Red


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  1. That was Sooooooo Coooooool!!!! Thanks for taking me along for the ride. Once in a life time experience For Sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I could so DIE for that tail!! He is fabulous you are one lucky mamma!

  3. Lisa at Greenbow says

    This is fabulous. I am so happy for your painted boy. He is so good in every way. Lucky you to have found him. A real dream come true.

  4. Granddad would be proud!! Congrats!!!!!

  5. Wow! Playboy is not only handsome, but smart and fast, too. He is most definitely a champion–colorbooked or not! 😉 congrats!!