I have a new riding coach.


  He has these two buffalo.

He’s trying his hardest to teach me to be a better rider and competitor by working these buffalo like cattle.

Buffalo are better than cattle to practice because you can’t wear them out.

And they are more photogenic.

I really try hard to pay attention.

But mostly I’m thinking …… “Isn’t the light really good here in the arena?”

“I wonder how my photos are turning out.”

“Gee that’s a pretty horse”


I wonder what Puncher would do if I turned her loose.


Love Cowgirl Red   aka  Buffalo Girl


P.S. And still ………… people ask me …. “What DO you DO with your time?”


 ( …… “Patch” the Smilin’ Cowdog)




  1. Lisa at Greenbow says

    What fun. Love those action shots. It is dusty in that arena. I would fall off the horse just sitting there. ha… You work hard at this cowgirl business. I am glad you take us along.

  2. The buffalo will turn around and do a face off with Puncher! Wow! The cattle don’t usually do that, do they? Puncher seemed to enjoy the challenge, though. What a trooper! Can’t say you life is boring, lady!! 😉

  3. As I read this I thought how hard that would be to do then I remembered you’re doing this while taking photos! While out at Yellowstone as a teenager I got “close” (25 feet) to a bison and I promptly got my rear end back in the car because I was seriously intimidated by him just ambling around. I can’t image being Puncher!

  4. Fantastic photography and l love how Puncher looked at you once the Buffalo were herded ~ Great video ~ Love how you spend your time ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^ aka ‘artmusedog’ ^_^ on Google Blogger

  5. I think I’d be the same. I’ve often been told that I need to look at life through my eyes and not my camera lens…but I feel that I do both rather nicely. I’m SURE you learned a lot!