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There is a thing in the Blogging community called “Wordless Wednesday”.  The idea is that all bloggers post a picture with no explanation to their blogs every Wednesday.  I think it should be called “Lazy Bloggers Wednesday”. Anyway, I digress …. I am now announcing “Speechless Tuesday”. “Speechless Tuesday!” “Speechless Tuesday” is for pictures of […]

When I started my blog 2 years ago I knew nothing about how it all works out there in cyberspace. I just knew it was fun. When my webmaster asked me to give him the Search Engine Optimization (“S.E.O.” for all us Tech-Divas)  words I wanted to use, I said ” Uh…..  I’ll get back […]

 Alas, the greatest love was not to be. It turns out that Juliet is kind of a bitch. She won’t let Romeo eat. I don’t want a fat pony or a skinny donkey. So I decided to take Romeo over to ‘Trap Pasture’ with my other horses. There’s more room. He should be able to […]

Last Saturday when Kerry and his son delivered  Romeo and Juliet to my barn I suddenly became very self conscious about something.  As we led my new donkey and pony into the barn I realized that I had 7 cats, 4 dogs and one very expensive cow horse following me.  That’s normal…. right?  What did […]

    Romeo, Romeo   Wherefore art thou, Romeo?   Thou art in my barn. Thou wert delivered to me by Kerry. Thou art my new buddy. Thoust head is too big for a picture. Thou doest like a scratch on thy head, but not on thy arse. Thou doest make me laugh …..  out […]