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  I need to get this huge elephant out of the room, or more specifically out of my blog.  It’s so big and heavy that it’s blocking my creative flow.  A blog is much like reality TV. You have to be real or pretty soon you really won’t be here at all.     Definition: […]

Yesterday morning I dropped my expensive age-fighting face cream in the bathroom. I estimated that about $20 of it plopped out on the floor.  So I ran to the kitchen to get a spatula which I don’t have because I’m living like a gypsy right now. My next choice was a tablespoon. I got down […]

Not Really. She’s too small. But I think I’ll take pictures of her and add a song and make a video to that effect.         I think I’ll spend untold hours amusing myself with this when I should be doing something productive. Like my taxes. Love,  Cowgirl Red  aka Pony Girl