I’ve been spending a lot of time in the past few weeks contemplating how I was going to get my things moved out of the McMansion with no help in sight.  You see, my stuff is on the 3rd floor and there are no stairs.

No stairs inside or outside. No sign of any coming soon.

Apparently, the only way up here, was to fly.

While I was up there organizing and boxing things the Contractor climbed up to help me devise a plan for airlifting my things to safety.  We were stunned when we heard a faint little “Meew, meew”.  We could not find the source of the “Meewing”, but it was a fact that we both heard it. He was shocked because the house had been closed up with no water, electricity …. or stairs for quite some time. I came back the next morning with some food and water. I proceeded to work on organizing my “stuff”. I looked and looked for the kitty but couldn’t see or hear it. About an hour into my project I was getting ready to climb down the ladder and go get the live trap out of my truck when I felt something rub up against my leg. There she was!  Hungry and thirsty. And friendly.

I sat down with her for a minute and she let me pet her. Skinny and scared, she was purring. Her little ears are scabbed over from frostbite. Luckily I put the water and food in the bathroom so when she went in there to eat I just shut the door behind her.

I climbed down the ladder went to the truck and retrieved a dog crate. She was very cooperative and went right inside.

Neither one of us was too crazy about the trip back down the ladder, but we survived.

I brought her back to the cabin with me and made her a temporary home in the laundry room. Mostly she eats and sleeps and meows at me through the window.

When I go in she’s all over me wanting to be petted and held. I’m not sure where this cat came from, but here is what I think happened…..

I remember seeing her last fall out by the highway. I assumed she was a feral tom cat or something.  I noticed that over time she had come in closer to the house but by then we had moved out for renovations. I would leave some food for her occasionally wherever I had seen her last. Then one day I saw her at the barn and assumed she fell in with the barn cats. I thought she was feral. I hadn’t seen her in quite some time and assumed that she didn’t survive the blizzard or something.

But now that I have her “in custody” it is clear that she was a friendly cat and some asshole just dumped her out on the highway to fend for herself.

I don’t use my blog for political or social commentary (much) but I’m going to tell you how I feel about people who dump cats.

They are sadistic assholes. There seems to be a sub-human culture around here that believes cats can fend for themselves like a Tiger or a Lion. I think these people are mysogynistic asswipes. Domestic cats do not hunt because they are hungry, they hunt because they are cats.

This poor little house cat has survived a winter outside, and being trapped for who knows how long without food or water.

Today she’s at my vet’s getting checked out. Guess what? She’s pregnant. Imagine that. That’s a whole nother rant for another time.  When she comes back she will be spayed and have her shots and I’ll try to get her acclimated with my barn cats. Unless someone wants to adopt her.  I think she’ll make a wonderful house pet.

Love,  Cowgirl Red    aka  Terah

P.S.  I’m saving my rant about the “no stairs” situation for another day also.  Or not at all.

P.S.S. Update from my vet.  Turns out she wasn’t pregnant afterall. It was just a “food baby”. I can relate to that.


  1. Lisa at Greenbow says

    Poor little kitty. I hope you find her a home. Or she can stay with the barn cats. She is very pretty with that big fluffy tail. Be careful going up and down those “stairs”.

  2. What an adorable and strong cat! To survive all she did and still have a good attitude -the purring and petting! That ladder with the crate looked like advanced mountaineering!

  3. Cherie Beyer says

    I rant with you! The same story happened to us here at the Bucking B! Our “Sunny” found her home in the barn, with the barn cats. Obviously dropped off on the road. Those people ought to have to undergo the same experience…no food or water, no way to get any, exposure to bad weather… that’s what they deserve!

  4. Terah…gal friend…I wished we lived closer. We could enjoy coffee once in awhile. Fun read. Lots of unspoken truths. ~Ms. Tam

  5. It is sad when people do that,,,,,,,so many homeless dogs and cats in the world. Throw away pets………I know alot of people that change dogs like they change underwear. No since of responsibility.

  6. People do that with dogs, too. Asswipes is too good a term for them. I have rescued both cats and dogs in my day. I’m only allowed one cat where I live now (maybe that’s a good thing–LOL!) but I wish I could take her!! I think she needs more lovin than a barn cat life, Terah! Maybe the vet knows somebody?

  7. Susan, Steve's sister says

    Thank you for taking this kitty girl in. She is beautiful and wow, what markings. I have TWO additions to the family that I never planned for, so I get it. And yes, they are asswipes. Thanks for calling them what they are.