I turned these two goof-balls out in a big pasture with my friend’s heifers.

(Heifers are young cows that have not had a calf yet…. for you ranch virgins)

Being that these guys are “cow horses” she did comment …. “They won’t chase the heifers will they?”

I’ve been asked that before.  And it’s a really good question.

 I think it’s like “Ralph  &  Sam” .   You know, the sheep dog and coyote.

They just clock out.

But THIS?  …..  This is too much!

I would definitely call this fraterinizing with the enemy.

This heifer is licking the backs of Pard’s knees. Or whatever you call it on a horse.

The hocks.  The hocks.  That heifer is a “Hock-Licker”!

And Pard, for what it’s worth, seems to be really enjoying himself.

 Albeit, they may be a little embarrassed they got caught.

Well, now that I watch this for a bit ……


I think to myself …. “If the right guy came along ….. I might let him lick my hocks.”

Love,  Cowgirl Red    aka  Terah

P.S.  Geez …. it’s time for me to either get a boyfriend or get a life!

P.S.S. I’m sure I’ll hear from my daughter about that last comment. “Mom,  EWWWW!  TMI!”


  1. Patricia says

    Some things should never be caught on film. Poor Pard. His attempt to regain self respect by lifting a leg to back off his new ‘bestie’ was, well, weak at best.

  2. LOL! Looked like Pard was coming up to whisper to you–you’re not going to post that are you? 🙂 🙂

    • Yes he did. But in my world. There are no sacred cows! hahahaha Thanks Rita! terah

  3. Thanks for the good belly laugh and you do have a life, maybe the boyfriend would be nice, but make sure Pard does not know how to use the camera!

  4. Morgane Lauf says

    Ew. 🙂

  5. Lisa at Greenbow says

    ROTFL… I love that comment. It did look like fun. I would probably die laughing. tee hee….