Right after hell froze over  I felt like I had been rocketed back into my career. However, it was more like being shot out of one of those circus cannons. You know ….. they shoot a woman out of a clown cannon and she lands on a trampoline or something and keeps on bouncing.

Here is a “typical” day in the life of me at work …..   Saturday.

We had a corporate “team building/strategic planning/servant leadership” training retreat at the boss’s lake house.They brought in a HR guru from Wichita.  It was awesome. That’s my boss on the jet ski with the cowboy hat on our lunch break. That is NOT me riding double.

The retreat broke up about 4 PM then I hightailed it back to the restaurant for my “hostessing”  duties and tonight’s entertainment.  And entertaining it was. I hired them. Did I mention I’m also the entertainment director?  They played old country. And they’re old. Like me.  After the dinner crowd was finished, we pushed the tables back and had an old fashioned country dance.

A little back story here….  You all know I don’t drink anymore.  I filled up that punch card a long time ago. 7 years to be exact. There were two things I never thought I could do again without alcohol. (At least successfully) One was ride a horse and punch cattle. And by that I mean “ride” the way they do it in Wyoming. All day in the saddle and dozens of miles. I’ve already done that many times.  No problem. But when this good-looking cowboy rode his horse through the bar Saturday night, I could have sworn I was back in Wyoming. It did my heart some good.

The second thing I never thought I could ever do without the fuel of alcohol was dance.

And last night I danced…..

 Girls, did I ever dance. For the first time sober. And I mean the two-stepping, kick your shoes off and polish his belt buckle dance.  A good-looking age appropriate (sic.silver-maned) cowboy asked me to dance. I took a deep breath, said a little prayer and hoped for the best. And it was the best. Ladies, the cowboy could dance. It was like the dance scene in the movie “Hope Floats”.  Made me all tingly inside. I’m still tingly.

The kitchen closed. We high-fived all the way around.

The music played on. And I kept on dancing.

I’m still dancing today.

Love,  Cowgirl Red    aka  Terah



  1. Lisa at Greenbow says

    Good for you girl. It looks like it was a lot of FUN.

  2. Yaay! Go Red!

  3. WHOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good for you!!!!! Keep having fun……….!!!

  4. I love that you are having FUN!! So proud for you! Keep boot scoot’n sister!!

  5. Your life has taken on a whole new flavor! I am glad you are dancing again, baby! You are feeling the music and living the song! 🙂 🙂

  6. Did the same thing at a wedding in Tulsa of the kids of some friends. Forgot that I was the John Travolta of my day….. You must have been on Urban Cowgirl or something. Have fun, dance a bunch, then pretend you do it everyday…