We are on the other side of some wicked winter weather. When I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago, all I could think of was ……. Yuck!  But today, I’m thinking something else. Gratitude.

I was walking to the barn to feed and it was cold and blowing snow.  I usually take the 4Wheeler or truck. It’s only a couple hundred yards. Hey,  I am lazy.  Today I realize that by driving down there I am missing out. Not only on a little exercise, but the beauty of it all.

It really is pretty here.  I’ve been here over a year. Maybe I’m taking it for granted. Getting too used to it. Getting so wrapped up in myself to see and appreciate.

 Mother Nature is giving me some new eyes today.  I’m grateful.

Grateful for these kitties that are all present and accounted for.

Grateful for my old buddy, Paint.

Grateful for Playboy, the most talented horse I’ve ever owned.

Grateful that Pard is going to a new home soon and he gets to help a little cowboy grow up.

Grateful to be able to live on this beautiful ranch and the friendship that came with it.

Grateful for these two goofballs.

Their joy is contagious.

Most grateful for Puncher, my constant companion.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

What are you grateful for today?

Love,  Terah aka  Cowgirl Red.


  1. wonderful!

  2. ps, I am stealing that cowgirl picture….love ya!

  3. Lisa at Greenbow says

    You are mightly blessed. It is a good thing you have finally found beauty in where you are. That is a great blessing. I am most thankful for my DB. He is fantastic. I love my new doggie Annie too. I am grateful for a warm home, food aplenty, family and great friends. I could go on and on. I too am blessed.