OK. I know my title contains improper grammar. However, I’ve already spent enough time on this post so I need to move on.

10 things on which I’ve spent less time? whatever

OK the gist of the story is this. I bought the little run down house in Crazy Town.   I was going to fix it up for a rental or something.  Who really knows what I was thinking. It was more like ….. “Why not?” 


I soon discovered I had issues. Real issues. Like ….. for one. I can make decisions. I make them quickly. I’m a decision-making fool.  If it is a life-altering, mind-bending, money-spending, career-changing decision,   I’m all over that.

But there is one thing I cannot do with any faith or reasonableness given the amount of time involved.

I cannot choose the colors for my walls.

People, it took me weeks to settle on these colors. They stopped construction for me.

I just could not make a decision.  Three paint stores, many trips to town and dozens of swatches later.


 I give you ……..  ” Wool Coat”


And “Sun Dried Tomato” .

And now I give you 10 things I spent less time on:

1.  Buying this silly house in the first place.

2. Buying every house I’ve ever owned.

 3.  Moving to Glendive, Montana

4. Moving to Vernal, Utah


5. Moving to Big Piney, Wyoming

 6.  Getting married

7. Getting un-married

8. Times 3  (don’t judge)


9. The flooring.  (One trip to Home Depot)

 10. Moving to Crazy Town

Home, Sweet Crazy Home.

Love,  Cowgirl Red aka  Terah

P.S. The picture of my house was taken by one of my crazy friends with his drone.  See Brian Alexander and Red Hills Rancher.


  1. I love you little house! Glad it is your Home and hope you stay there for ever.

  2. Di and I still have you beat on houses, I think. We are on our 13th counting the odd apartment or two. WE owned 2 at one time and bought a third (do not try that one). We have had 5 in Tulsa.
    Congrats, welcome back to the bondage of owning stuff….

    Looks great!