Last night, right about dark, Paint and Pardner were grazing up close to the house.  I could hear them. The windows were open, “munch, munch, step, step”.  Really, you can hear horses eating grass. it’s not as quiet as you would imagine. I went outside to say hi and give them both a pet and to […]

After Oklahoma City I had to buy a few head of new practice cattle for Puncher. That is, I wanted to sell some and replace them with cattle that aren’t so wise to the dog training drill. I have to make sure Puncher is really herding them, not simply following them around while they are following me. Who is trained better? Cattle or dog? […]

[youtube=] Here is a video of Puncher and me at our second ever cattle dog trial. It is the Oklahoma State Fair last month. I had a few epiphanies that day. One: My practice cattle at home are really well trained. Two: Adrenaline can produce a blackout much like alcohol. Three: Video adds 20 lbs […]

 My cowdog, Puncher is a high energy Border Collie. That’s like a double shot of espresso on steroids. She needs lots of exercise just to calm down enough to practice working cattle.  So here is what we do every morning. I mean EVERY never missed a day unless I was out of town morning. At daylight in the […]

Last summer I found this vintage cotton hand dyed batik in an antique shop in downtown Charleston, West Virginia. The detail is stunning. Look at the border. A very unique peice of fabric. I love, love, love, batik.  In prior life I must have lived in India, or Bali. I can tell by the detail, and […]

I wanted to make a dog bed for Puncher so she could hang out with me while I am in my studio.  I like my dogs to have their own “spot” in the house or a room.  It gives them a place to be that is just theirs. They like that.  I also needed the bed to […]

Do you want to dance?

I sent her and she hesitated to assess the situation.  The command was “come by” (short for go to the leftclockwise around the cows and bring them to me) If one doesn’t want to come, she uses her best persuasion. Photos by Nicole Strait, Bearpaw Photography

One cowgirl, one cowdog, one dream fulfilled. Since I discovered cowdogs and cowboys in my 30’s I have dreamed of having a dog like Puncher and competing in a real dog trial. Last Sunday, Aug 1, 2010, this dream came true. Here we are at the post. More about dreams of cowboys later. Photos by Nicole Strait, […]

He’s like a work of art. Like the Artist imagined him. Then using hide and hair for a canvas created him brushstoke by brushstroke.