In the Cowgirl World, a “Saddle Series” is a series of  horse competitions over time with the winner taking home a new trophy saddle. Barrel Racing, Cutting, Ranch Sorting.  All western events have them. The saddles are highly prized in the horse kingdom.  I’ve never won one.  I may buy one on EBay someday. My […]

This is a very philosophical topic. Too much or not enough?  It is right up there with “Is the glass half-full or half-empty?”  I think a person is one or the other.  No matter how hard I try I seem to remain a half-empty person while T.H. is a half-full person.  You would think this […]

Today I realized that I am a “Snapshot-ographer”.  I am not Photographer. Photography is the process or art of producing images. Snapshot-ography is me shooting from the hip quickly with a pocket camera and hoping for the best. It is ridiculously, dangerously impossible to take photographs (art) while simultaneously participating in the event. The artist in […]