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Some of our steers fell in love with the neighbors cows.   Before we could ship the steers we needed to go get them. Trophy Husband (T.H.) sucked the cows into the corner of the adjoining pasture with the pickup and round bale attached. I brought up the stragglers on Paint. This time of year there are not many stragglers.  That round bale with the horn honking is a […]

I wonder what Ol’ Paint was thinking here?  What was I thinking?  My evil twin was laughing hysterically (in her head of course).  Part of the reason for my amusement was that this has happened to me last summer, in the exact same spot on my brand new shiney red 4wheeler. However, I did not have such an easily, […]

Here’s my story:   “On the last day of Roundup,  Puncher became a victim of Mad Cow Disease! She got attacked by a mean, snot throwing, raging mad, mother cow….. and  and  stomped her into the ground…… and and  broke her foot. …… and and….”   Well, not exactly.  We cowgirls and cowboys (mostly cowboys) love to tell stories about […]

I stole this title from a book I used to read to my daughter when she was little. Dr. Seuss, I think. Shipping cows and calves reminds me of the story. Everybody is looking for their mother. October is time to get the cattle off of the grass. It’s our Fall Roundup.  On shipping day we gather them horseback into these pens. Then we separate the cows from […]

I have owned Paint since the summer of 2006 when I sold two really good horses to buy one exceptionally great horse,… for me.. a 50-something cowgirl who wants to ride for 20 more years and look good doing it. He was 6 then, remarkably trained and seasoned for real work and play work. One thing, however, […]

artI just returned from a lovely week in Santa Fe.  It was mini spiritual/aunt/niece/grand-niece reunion  (I’m the niece) at my Aunt Sandra’s beautiful mountain home.  Also an artist’s retreat for me.  Here is a picture of all the gadgets that I took with me. Impressive? Laptop, Ipod, Droid, Blutooth, new Ipad etc etc.  I had envisioned myself sitting on her […]