About Cowgirl Red

I’m Terah.

I am a Cowgirl, Artist …… Goddess of the Plains.

I’m an “encourager” and an “engager”.

My life is my canvas. The world is my community.


Hello Cowgirl friends. I am constantly changing, evolving and revolving. My life purpose, my passions, my place and my legacy are always in motion.  It’s impossible to single out one “Purpose” or one “About” statement.  So trust me. Trust yourself. Saddle up and come along for the ride. Please join my Facebook Page also.

Cowgirl-Red is owned by me, myself and I.

Cowgirl-Red is more than a brand. It’s a state of mind.


Thoughts today:
In 2009 Dalai Lama said ….. “The world will be saved by the western woman”. I want to belong to that tribe. I want to empower that woman. I want to encourage that woman. I want to engage that woman. I want to know that woman. I want to build community with that woman. Whether she is 2 or 92. Please join me.


I’m a cowgirl. A city born, sorority raised, fashion-artista. Turned CPA. Now resting comfortably in my authentic self. I’m a Cowgirl, Artist, and Goddess. Queen of this Ranch. Goddess of this Prairie. Mother to this patch of sacred earth and the animals that reside here.

Follow my adventures on my blog https://cowgirlredblog.com/   here.

Play with me …. as a fiber artist, social media engager, encourager, empowerment sister.


Love, Terah aka Cowgirl-Red