Puncher had puppies in May. Don’t worry, it was planned…. Sort of. My friend was visiting with her good and famous cow dog, Gus. Puncher came into heat and I was like ….. “Why not?”   Those two words might just be the most motivating factor of my long and interesting life. “Why not?” […]

We are on the other side of some wicked winter weather. When I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago, all I could think of was ……. Yuck!  But today, I’m thinking something else. Gratitude. I was walking to the barn to feed and it was cold and blowing snow.  I usually take the […]

  A Mirage I’ve lived here for 8 months now.  About a month ago I discovered this pond. Which is about 100 yards from the front door of my cabin.  I’m not the most observant person in the world.  In my defense, I knew there was “a pond” over there. I just didn’t know it […]

You know when you take your kids to the pool. And your shy little boy who doesnt’ really like to swim but needs a drink…. Is just minding his own business cooling off.. Then there’s that kid …. Cannonball! Puncher is like that little kid at the pool who’s a real asshole. Sends the other […]

  Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who is a Mother or has a Mother. That would include the whole world. I hope. I wrote this Mother’s Day Blog Post in 2011 Here’s the link to it: Mother’s Day By Mother Nature Enjoy!!! Love,  Cowgirl Red    aka   Terah   aka “Mom”

I have a new riding coach.     He has these two buffalo. He’s trying his hardest to teach me to be a better rider and competitor by working these buffalo like cattle. Buffalo are better than cattle to practice because you can’t wear them out. And they are more photogenic. I really try hard to […]

  It’s hunting season in Kansas ……. again. T.H. bought himself this fake deer and planted it in the front yard. Where it stood for several weeks. Why?  You ask.  Why? I ask myself “Why?” several times a day when it comes to T.H. Puncher asked …. Every time she went out ….. “Why?” “Why is […]

 I’ve been doing some extensive field research for the ‘North American Armadillo Society’ * this fall. Based on my many real life random observations here is what I have learned about Armadillos. Horses never really know what to do with them. They have the power to back a horse up 10 ft. if they so […]

T.H. and I go to the sale barn every Thursday to buy a few head of steers. Lately he’s been too busy to go and he doesn’t trust me to go by myself so he’s been buying them on the internet from our local sale barn. We’re so modern. Embracing technology like that. Working remotely […]

I have been unplugged.  For two weeks. Maybe three. I broke my iPhone three weeks ago. It was cold turkey. Detox. Dr. Drew would be proud. I think I carried it too far though. I can’t remember what I’ve been doing since the “accident”. So I went to my pocket camera to see what I’ve […]