Thursday Morning. We got a better start at daylight.  I only had one cup of coffee in bed. Then saddled up and long trotted about 2 miles through our place and across our neighbors pasture that we lease.  I met up with our cowboys for the day (Day Riders).  They are also our good friends. […]

I ride a lot. Which means I think a lot. My favorite subject …….. no surprise…. Cowboys. I know what you’re thinking. And you’re right. I think about “that” a lot. But not today.  Today I’m thinking about real cowboys and how they handle their horses. And how much I love watching them. How lucky […]

My friend, the matriarch of this beautiful ranch, sent me a card this morning that read…. “Welcome to Autumn……. the finest time of the year!”     Earlier in the week she asked me if I’d seen the “Pitcher Sage”. It’s a delicate, periwinkle blue wildflower that grows in Kansas in the late summer and […]

  It’s hunting season in Kansas ……. again. T.H. bought himself this fake deer and planted it in the front yard. Where it stood for several weeks. Why?  You ask.  Why? I ask myself “Why?” several times a day when it comes to T.H. Puncher asked …. Every time she went out ….. “Why?” “Why is […]

I thought I would share a little “Quiet Time” with you today. We were trailing some cattle home from a pasture 5 miles away. It’s the Kansas way. You take some really gentle momma cows and calves. Put a feed truck in front of them and a horse behind them. And you have a “Walking […]

   I’ve had Playboy for two weeks. He has not displayed one single solitary quirk. None. Zip. Nada. Nothing.   I like my horses to be quirky. It makes me happy if they’re quirky. It gives me something to write (blog,talk) about. Now what am I supposed to do?  Make stuff up? Come on, Playboy. […]

We have a recurring  situation with a ‘water gap’. A water gap is a stretch of fence that crosses a creek. Twice this spring it has rained buckets which causes the creek to rise quickly and all the floating debris demolishes the ‘water gap’. ‘Debris’ as in logs and trees not ‘debris’ as in garbage. […]

Last year was about scarcity.  This year is about abundance. A new experience for Puncher ….. and Paint. We go out to bring cattle in they have to swim and wade through a sea of grass. Sometimes she’s like a torpedo shooting though the tall grass.   Sometimes Paint has to stop and catch his […]

We gathered and  shipped our big steers to the sale barn for auction tomorrow. I thought you might like to come along for the ride. It was a glorious spring morning in Kansas. Mid-April and knee-deep grass in places. Spring came a month early in the Heartland.  T.H. is giving instructions to the cowboys (and […]

Last Friday was a “Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” for me and Puncher and Paint. (And T.H. too.)  We go out first thing to ‘work’ the steers we bought at the auction on Thursday.  Puncher does the foot work. She brings them up from the back pens to the chute where T.H. is getting all […]