Last year was about scarcity.  This year is about abundance.
A new experience for Puncher ….. and Paint.
We go out to bring cattle in they have to swim and wade through a sea of grass.
Sometimes she’s like a torpedo shooting though the tall grass.

  Sometimes Paint has to stop and catch his breath.

 We got eliminated from the Biggest Looser, Cowgirl Edition.  (for cheating)

 Now I’ve got a that stupid nursery rhyme stuck in my head.
“Oh Where….
Oh Where…..
Has my little dog gone ? ”
“Oh where ……
 Oh where …
…… can she be? ”
But no one cuts their ears short or tails long anymore. That would be inhumane.
I wonder if they  make a doggie periscope for this dilemma?

 If you can buy live fish on the internet …….  anything is possible.

Love, Cowgirl Red    aka  Terah

Oh ye of little faith. Why do you doubt?


  1. Obviously no drought this spring, eh?! May be a bit harder to trudge through, but I bet all the critters are happy. LOL! the dog periscope. 😉

  2. Oh, how I wish to be a cowgirl like you Terah. What an awesome way to spend the day, riding your paint horse and looking for the dog in the beautiful lush grass. BTW, I love the photo off the top of the horse, great shots!

    I think you are onto something maybe you can patent the periscope.

  3. Lisa at Greenbow says

    The drought that plagued your area last year has moved into my area. Ugh… It will be in the 90’s this weekend and there has been no rain for some time. SCARY. It is such fun seeing Puncher hopping through the tall grass.