Last week while I was feeding my fish and looking for my new koi I had a little mishap.

I was leaning over the edge of the pond dock when my iPhone 4S and Sony Cybershot fell out of my shirt pocket.

Plop, Plop! Just like that. They sank to the bottom. I screamed. My daughter’s comment was “Mom, I saw that coming three days ago”. She had been here for four days and had repeatedly warned me to be more careful with my stuff.

I was panic-stricken. First, to retrieve the phone and camera so I could exercise m warranty yet again.  And second, because I am now un-tethered. What would become of me?

I waded out there barefooted, fully clothed in waist deep water to start chumming for my expensive gadgets with my feet. One word….. Yuck.  I persevered  because without the dead bodies the Geek Squad would have nothing to warrant. That would be about $800 smackeroos.

You can imagine what sort of paraphernalia has fallen off this dock over the years.  I don’t have to imagine anymore. I know. I found it with my toes and it’s not pretty. I was out there for about a half hour before my girl stopped laughing, took pity on me and changed into a bathing suit.  She cannon-balled off the dock for special effect and scared a snake out from under it. We shrieked in laughter and fear.  She found both sunken treasures immediately and dredged them up.  We laughed some more and went for a swim since we were already out there.  The dogs joined us and it was glorious.

The first twelve hours without my phone was  like going cold-turkey off of any addictive substance.  I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was constantly reaching for it. I felt isolated and alone. Very unnerved.  I even had trepidation about driving 90 miles to Wichita. All this from a girl who at 21 moved from Texas to Montana…. by myself. I was somewhat fearful to drive by myself to Stillwater on Sunday with my horse. As the day went on my fear was replaced by a sense of faith and confidence  that everything would be OK.  After all, how did those pioneer women do it?
My un-tethered days have grown into a week now. My new phone is in. I am going to Wichita to get it today. I’m a little sad.

I will miss the quiet.


  1. Oh Terah…we are truly klutz sisters LOL. But I bet you never slipped a check in your car door panel in a drive through line or came through the ceiling while fixing a window in an attempt to prove I you can do anything. And Dropping a phone in a pond seems a bit nicer than the toilet. Note to self: Never set your phone on a sink while washing your k
    Hands! Glad your phone was found without too much trouble 🙂

  2. Morgane Lauf says

    Haha! I love you mom! It all worked out for the best! Made for a great memory for us! Still laughing to myself.

  3. Lisa at Greenbow says

    I can just imagine how you would feel. I don’t live by the cell phone. I am more connected to my computer. I can see you girls in there swimming around. Feeling through ooky muck for phone and camera.

  4. Awe…yeah saw your Facebook post this weekend and was wondering why you didn’t have a phone. Poor thing! I have dropped my phone in the toilet a couple of times and the tub once. lol I am accident prone with technology.

    Bet you did appreciate the quiet for a while! When we went to Pagosa Springs last year we didn’t have cell phone service (unless you rode to the cattle guard a few miles away) and to be honest it was pretty nice! Ha! So at least you had a little bit of a break (:

  5. I am impressed you guys found the phone in the mud! I can’t imagine going that long without the world- so glad you are getting it back!