Picture this …….. Super Moon. 5:30 AM alarm Catch ’em. Feed ’em.  Saddle ’em. Load ’em in the dark. Meet up with the cowboys. Gather ’em. Sort ’em and work ’em. In my former life as an accountant with an 8-5, I found it consistently difficult getting to work on time. (for 20 years) I’ve […]

When I started my blog 2 years ago I knew nothing about how it all works out there in cyberspace. I just knew it was fun. When my webmaster asked me to give him the Search Engine Optimization (“S.E.O.” for all us Tech-Divas)  words I wanted to use, I said ” Uh…..  I’ll get back […]

Don’t anybody tell T.H. I wrecked his brand new 4-Wheeler today. He doesn’t read my blog or do Facebook.  So if he finds out I’ll know one of you is a Narc. I’ve been borrowing his 4-Wheeler since mine is out of gas and I’m too lazy to go get some gas and fill it up. […]

This was my 3rd iPhone 4S since January. I say that with much fondness and in the past tense. I loved that iPhone. My step-daughter, Kaity, was here for a whole week. I had a riding buddy at last!  I was so excited that I was determined to document everything because…..  well that’s what I […]

I made this Paint Horse Pillow pillow last winter and blogged about it.  One of the things I adore about blogging is the people I have met. The friends I’ve made. My friend Suzanne of Fairchild Farmgirl  is an artist, mom to 8, wife to Big D, and surrogate mother to untold number of cattle, ducks, […]

 Last  January as I pondered the eternal question …..  “What Was I Waiting For?”  , I started reclaiming my passion for Ranch Sorting with Paint and ultimately my passion for my life.  Last Saturday in Stillwater Oklahoma I won a trophy saddle. I was stunned. I was speechless. I am still speechless.   That was […]

  It’s pretty quiet when I ride out by myself. Technically, I’m not by myself. There are three of us. My horse, my dog and me. But, they don’t say much. We’ve been friends for so long, there isn’t a whole lot more to say. “Come by …….. Hurry” “Easy” “Stop” “Wait” “Away” “Walk up,…. easy” […]

   This Spring has been so beautiful that I’ve been pleasure riding a lot. Riding for no purpose other than fun. However, T.H. can’t stand for me not to be on a mission, so if he catches me riding out with no assigned task he quickly manufactures one. It’s a game we play. Today it’s “While […]

We gathered and  shipped our big steers to the sale barn for auction tomorrow. I thought you might like to come along for the ride. It was a glorious spring morning in Kansas. Mid-April and knee-deep grass in places. Spring came a month early in the Heartland.  T.H. is giving instructions to the cowboys (and […]

  OK. So Paint and I get finished gathering some steers for T.H. He sorts off some big ones to take to another pasture closer to home in order to get them ready to sell next week.  One has a sore eye that needs to come home to be doctored. Small problem.  They didn’t all […]