This morning I was supposed to ride the north end of this pasture where we turned the cattle into yesterday.  Remember yesterday?  We started at the very end of the horizon of these big ugly power lines.   This is a pasture that we lease. Maybe we would feel different if we got the money […]

   Puncher had puppies in May. Don’t worry, it was planned…. Sort of. My friend was visiting with her good and famous cow dog, Gus. Puncher came into heat and I was like ….. “Why not?”   Those two words might just be the most motivating factor of my long and interesting life. “Why not?” […]

You know when you take your kids to the pool. And your shy little boy who doesnt’ really like to swim but needs a drink…. Is just minding his own business cooling off.. Then there’s that kid …. Cannonball! Puncher is like that little kid at the pool who’s a real asshole. Sends the other […]

I have a new riding coach.     He has these two buffalo. He’s trying his hardest to teach me to be a better rider and competitor by working these buffalo like cattle. Buffalo are better than cattle to practice because you can’t wear them out. And they are more photogenic. I really try hard to […]

T.H. and I go to the sale barn every Thursday to buy a few head of steers. Lately he’s been too busy to go and he doesn’t trust me to go by myself so he’s been buying them on the internet from our local sale barn. We’re so modern. Embracing technology like that. Working remotely […]

Just when I think my little white “terrier-ist” is getting too old, she does something menacing …. Like kill a skunk ……. or corner a badger in the yard. Sometimes I forget to put her up before we go down the pens to work cattle. We all know how much “help” she can be. If […]

 Can you believe that some people ( mostly T.H.) still ask me what I do with my time? Honestly. As if I waste my time engaging in non-productive endeavors. That is a subjective judgement that has no merit. I just happen to be easily amused.  Like when I go to the feed store. I did […]

  It’s pretty quiet when I ride out by myself. Technically, I’m not by myself. There are three of us. My horse, my dog and me. But, they don’t say much. We’ve been friends for so long, there isn’t a whole lot more to say. “Come by …….. Hurry” “Easy” “Stop” “Wait” “Away” “Walk up,…. easy” […]

  Ace didn’t make it into the Worlds Greatest Cowdog like Puncher. But he has many talents. There is one though…… at which he excels. And that one is ….. He makes me laugh …… out loud …… at least once …….. every single …. solitary day. Love, Cowgirl Red   aka   Terah Check […]

   This Spring has been so beautiful that I’ve been pleasure riding a lot. Riding for no purpose other than fun. However, T.H. can’t stand for me not to be on a mission, so if he catches me riding out with no assigned task he quickly manufactures one. It’s a game we play. Today it’s “While […]