Puncher had puppies in May. Don’t worry, it was planned…. Sort of.

My friend was visiting with her good and famous cow dog, Gus. Puncher came into heat and I was like …..

“Why not?”


  Those two words might just be the most motivating factor of my long and interesting life. “Why not?”

 Let’s have puppies…… Why not?

Let’s move to Montana. ……..  Why not?

Let’s get married in Vegas……… Why not?

Let’s become a CPA……..  Why not?

Let’s be a cowgirl…… Why not?

Let’s be an artist …….. Why not?

Let’s buy a house in Crazy Town..…  Why not?

 I digress.  Back to the puppies.

 So that’s basically all I did this summer.  Play with puppies.

 And take lots of “selfies”.

 The puppies were all sold before they were born. That was a blessing and all went to good ranch and working homes. A cow dog needs a job and a good family.  I kept one.

 If you ask cow dog people how they choose a puppy they all have their theories.  From personality, to color, to hair coat, to the blackness of the roof of their mouth.  But for me it was simple.

 It was the one that took the best selfie.

 And the one that looked just like his mother. 


 Meet Cutter Bill.


  You look just like your mother.

Love,  Cowgirl Red   aka  Terah



  1. Good to hear about your new working member Terah. Looks like a sweetheart to me. I think that “why not” is an underrated approach to decision-making. Good for you for applying it so liberally!

  2. wow, I’ve missed your post…this is refreshing and wonderful, thanks Terah!