The Black “Baldie” Cow.  They are “snowflakes” wrapped in cowhide.

From afar they look the same.
Up close, no two are alike. They are a work of art.
Sometimes the big snowflakes have little snowflakes.
That look just like their mamas. Thus negating my snowflake theory.
Did anyone ever tell you…..
“You look just like your mother!!!”
Say it ain’t so!
There was a time in my life…. in my 20’s…
I would bristle when someone suggested that I looked like my mother.
Now that I have one of my own in her 20’s.
I would be ecstatic if someone told her she looked like her mother.
And I was standing right there.
And she didn’t bristle.
And she just smiled and said……

“Thanks”   Even though she’s bristling inside.
And I would laugh and tell her ” It’s OK honey,  I feel your pain.”

Love,  Cowgirl Red   aka   Terah

My little snowflake.

P.S. When my Baby Girl was born she looked just like her dad. And continued to resemble him.  What a disappointment that was.  I always thought that wasn’t at all fair. After all I did all the work. (For her first Halloween I drew a beard on her and took her trick or treating as her dad.) Now that she and I  are both grown up,  I think we look more alike.  It pleases me.  How does she feel?  Hmmmm…. probably the same way I felt in my 20’s.    SAY IT AIN’T SO!  
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  1. Catherine... says

    What a gorgeous snowflake she is…she's got your lovely red hair…my sister has beautiful red hair and I always wanted red hair. People used to tell me I looked like my Nan…at least they added "When she was young"…. My eldest snowflake looks like my Dad "When he was young" and baby snowflake looks a little bit like me, (more her Dad – grrr) she's blonde, blue eyes and curly hair and very tall….ummm nothing like me at all….. have a great day…

  2. Lisa at Greenbow says

    What a snow storm of cows. I agree your snowflake does resemble you. Lucky girl. I too look like my Mother. I have been told many times. It seems that when I look into the mirror is becoming so. I don't mind. I always thought my Mom was attractive. I didn't want to look like her when I was 20 though. ha.. I guess some things do change.

  3. Fairchild Farmgirl says

    I love baldies! We had one that looked like the white was a Catholic Bread and wine chalas. FUNNY

    PS Beautiful girl!

  4. I was smiling thru all these photos! 🙂

    Your snowflake has your cheeks and eyes for sure! The shape of the chin/jaw. Yup–she's yours! 😉

    My son looks mostly like his dad, very few small things that look like my side. On the outside he looks like him, but on the inside he looks more like me–hehe! 😉

  5. I am in love with this story. Please publish it.
    Susie Curry

  6. ArtMuseDog and Carol says

    Lovely pics and lovely story ~ My Mom and Aunt had gorgeous red hair like ~ you ~ thanks for coming by my blog ~ ^_^ Carol and ArtMuseDog ~ from a Creative Harbor ~

  7. Cowgirl Red says

    Thanks everyone for your kind words. Love, Terah

  8. Cowgirl Diary says

    I love your cow photos! There is something magically comforting about the presence of cows. I may be weird, but that's how I think about them. Very cute stories and photos, can't wait to see more!