You know when you take your kids to the pool. And your shy little boy who doesnt’ really like to swim but needs a drink…. Is just minding his own business cooling off.. Then there’s that kid …. Cannonball! Puncher is like that little kid at the pool who’s a real asshole. Sends the other […]

  Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who is a Mother or has a Mother. That would include the whole world. I hope. I wrote this Mother’s Day Blog Post in 2011 Here’s the link to it: Mother’s Day By Mother Nature Enjoy!!! Love,  Cowgirl Red    aka   Terah   aka “Mom”

I have a new riding coach.     He has these two buffalo. He’s trying his hardest to teach me to be a better rider and competitor by working these buffalo like cattle. Buffalo are better than cattle to practice because you can’t wear them out. And they are more photogenic. I really try hard to […]

T.H. and I go to the sale barn every Thursday to buy a few head of steers. Lately he’s been too busy to go and he doesn’t trust me to go by myself so he’s been buying them on the internet from our local sale barn. We’re so modern. Embracing technology like that. Working remotely […]

  It’s pretty quiet when I ride out by myself. Technically, I’m not by myself. There are three of us. My horse, my dog and me. But, they don’t say much. We’ve been friends for so long, there isn’t a whole lot more to say. “Come by …….. Hurry” “Easy” “Stop” “Wait” “Away” “Walk up,…. easy” […]

   This Spring has been so beautiful that I’ve been pleasure riding a lot. Riding for no purpose other than fun. However, T.H. can’t stand for me not to be on a mission, so if he catches me riding out with no assigned task he quickly manufactures one. It’s a game we play. Today it’s “While […]

Last year was about scarcity.  This year is about abundance. A new experience for Puncher ….. and Paint. We go out to bring cattle in they have to swim and wade through a sea of grass. Sometimes she’s like a torpedo shooting though the tall grass.   Sometimes Paint has to stop and catch his […]

We gathered and  shipped our big steers to the sale barn for auction tomorrow. I thought you might like to come along for the ride. It was a glorious spring morning in Kansas. Mid-April and knee-deep grass in places. Spring came a month early in the Heartland.  T.H. is giving instructions to the cowboys (and […]

Spring came early in Kansas. Blessed Spring. And green grass.  Puncher has more work/play to do everyday.  We have been really busy sorting and moving cattle around.   I am perfecting my “Hip Shots”  technique while loading the stock trailer with her.I just hold my pocket camera at waist level, while it is set on […]

I thought I would take you all with me on an afternoon of work/play for Paint, Puncher and me. I say work/play because it is ranch work. T.H. considers it work. I know it’s work. But for me, it’s what I live for. We unload at the pens and ride out to the cattle on a wheat […]