I’m a Snapshooter. I looked it up.  “Snapshooter:  a person who takes snapshots.” That would be me.  I think Snapshot-ographer is more like it. I do not take photographs. I take snapshots. Snapshot: a casual photograph made typically by an amateur with a small hand-held camera. Or in my case…. an iPhone holstered to my hip […]

This is the view from the top of my horse on this beautiful day on this beautiful ranch on the 15th day of September, 2013  It is the harbinger of fall. I have a new camera. It’s slung over my shoulder. One hand on the reins. One hand on the camera. Looking down at the […]

You know, sometimes these blog posts just write themselves. I keep thinking I should be ashamed of myself. But I’m not ……. in the least. I think my daughter might be a little embarrassed of me and for me. She may have wished I would behave myself since I was visiting her at her new […]

“Hey buddy, where can a frog wet his whistle around here?” It’s been almost 110 degrees every day this week. As I was watering my only surviving flower-pot this little froggie jumped out. Ok I know he is technically a toad, but whatever. He’s still beautiful.  For the purpose of this blog post I will […]

Pow Wow  One word ….. WOW “Artist Date “….. “Explore something festive that interests you …. “ “Replenish our inner well of images and inspiration…” “Fire up the imagination”…  Julia Cameron  “Immerse yourself in color”….. “Listen to the drums ….” “Eat some Indian Tacos”….. “Buy a lot of stuff for your little friend”  …. Me. […]

  Ace didn’t make it into the Worlds Greatest Cowdog like Puncher. But he has many talents. There is one though…… at which he excels. And that one is ….. He makes me laugh …… out loud …… at least once …….. every single …. solitary day. Love, Cowgirl Red   aka   Terah Check […]

The past few weeks I have been perfecting my technique of “Shoulder Shots”.  That is taking snapshots over my shoulder behind me while I’m riding or walking or 4-wheeling. What is the purpose of this? ( I know you are wondering) 1. First and foremost, for my own entertainment. 2. I’m very curious to see […]

 I am a “Snapshooter”.  Really. It’s in the dictionary even though WordPress doesn’t recognize it. It’s right above “Snapshot”.  A person who takes snapshots.“Snapshot” is a word made up in the year 1890. A casual photograph made typically by an amateur (me) with a small handheld camera (fits in my pocket). I spent a few […]

This fall I’ve walked in beauty everyday. I walk down by the creek behind the house. It’s good for my mental health.   After a summer of drought my senses are a dried up sponge. Tiger Kitty is good for my mental health too. She follows me everywhere. I try not to trip over her. […]

This ranch  is burnt up with drought.  But everyday,  on my walks  and on my horse  I can still find   pockets of beauty.  The Monarchs come  twice a year.  They’re headed south  this time. The oldtimers say there used to be more. I’m grateful for these.  There seems to be  a side show going […]