You know, sometimes these blog posts just write themselves.

I keep thinking I should be ashamed of myself.

But I’m not ……. in the least.

I think my daughter might be a little embarrassed of me and for me.

She may have wished I would behave myself since I was visiting her at her new home in La Jolla.

However, I am an artist and an opportunist.

I am also a woman of a ‘certain age’ and I don’t get embarrassed anymore.

I enjoy the art form of iPhotography. (iPhone pics to be enjoyed later)

Just like regular photography,  it’s all about  light …….

Composition …….

and the Subject Matter.

Subject matter really matters.

And luck helps.

My definition of luck is this ……

“When preparation meets opportunity”

Well ….. we met today .

Preparation was in the form of me sitting on my ass at the beach checking Facebook on my iPhone.

Opportunity ……….

Hellooooooo Mr. Opportunity.

You did not just really do that ….. Did you?

Oh yes you did.

What were we talking about?

I am now being put in Time Out by my own daughter.

Oh well. Like I said before I am a woman of a certain age . And just like the Honey Badger.

I don’t care.


Love Cowgirl Red   aka  Terah


P.S.  It’s nice to have a new cowboy/surfer-dude crush on someone I will never run into in public again. My poor farrier can barely look me in the eye.  I’m afraid I’m going to lose him.



  1. ROFL!! The gull and your daughter were enjoying the view, too, if they’ll just admit it. LOL! Looks like quite a scenic visit, honey badger, in more ways than one. 😉

  2. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lisa at Greenbow says

    You are a very lucky lady. You are quick on the draw. A good trait at this time in life. One must not miss out on any opportunities. 🙂 Your daughter will understand…someday.

  4. Sometimes it’s good to be sent to time out! This was one of those times! I am having the best belly laugh with this one- thanks for such a great post!

  5. Well thank you for making my Sunday lovely!

  6. Margaret Holt says

    Bahahaha. Must say that is great photography. I was laughing so hard and I know how you feel. My daughter has always been much more reserved than me. Sounds like fun and what a lucky girl to have such a great mom and to live in La Jolla!

  7. ROFLMFAO – I can see your daughter thinking…OK MOM…that’s ENOUGH. And the photos…PRICELESS. You should see the ones I took at VA Beach a couple years back!

  8. You are indeed a stitch; and I agree with others that your daughter was enjoying the scenery as much as you were. It certainly is nice to be a woman of a certain age, isn’t it? Such freedom! Lovely pix, even if the surfer weren’t there. The light quality is something else,