This was my 3rd iPhone 4S since January. I say that with much fondness and in the past tense. I loved that iPhone.

My step-daughter, Kaity, was here for a whole week. I had a riding buddy at last!  I was so excited that I was determined to document everything because…..  well that’s what I do.  I am a blogger. A modern-day “Historian”. The tools of my trade are the iPhone. I embrace technology. I am also a klutz. The “Murphy Klutz Genes” are well documented….. here.

Kaity, Kaya (our 8 yr.old niece) and I went out to catch up the horses on the 4 Wheelers. We could walk, but 4 wheelers are more fun. Plus it is a couple hundred yards after all.  So picture this…..

Myself ….. (an image of grace and coordination) , Kaya in my lap, driving the 4-Wheeler, Playboy in my left hand and I look back and think innocently, “Oh wouldn’t this make a great picture?” so I whip out my iPhone and start snapping away.

If you picture it correctly I would have to look like  Ganesh.

OK ,you cowgirls don’t know Ganesh?

This is Ganesh.

I am not Ganesh.

Ganesh would not drop her iPhone in the dirt. Ganesh’s horse would not step on it.

Ganesh would never have to explain to Best Buy what happened ….. again.

However,  I do channel TAWANDA.  

“I’m older and I have more insurance.” — *

Love,  Cowgirl Red    aka   TAWANDA

P.S. * Kathy Bates in “Fried Green Tomatoes”


  1. Lisa at Greenbow says

    Thank goodness you have insurance. Wonderful time out with the girls despite dropping your phone. Yes, insurance is good. Girls are beautiful. Driving lesson and riding lesson all in one day. Lucky girls too.

  2. Sorry you sacrificed another iPhone to the cause of history. I so would have loved to see the best buy guys reaction when you explained it. Isn’t it amazing how women seem to grow arms to do 8 things at once! What fun to have riding buddies!

  3. Oh Tawanda…I’m so happy you took out insurance on that thing. I still have a dumb phone…but even my wonderful camera wouldn’t have taken a picture (albeit blurry) of Playboy stepping on it!

  4. Fantastic post ~ love the horses and your life is never dull ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  5. OMG!! I guess I didn’t realize you had so many iPhone accidents–LOL! Good thing for your Tawanda side. 😉 It does take great pics, my friend. Great pics. 🙂