“Hey buddy, where can a frog wet his whistle around here?”

It’s been almost 110 degrees every day this week. As I was watering my only surviving flower-pot this little froggie jumped out. Ok I know he is technically a toad, but whatever. He’s still beautiful.  For the purpose of this blog post I will now use frog and toad interchangeably. I also know I’m a weirdo and possibly the only 56-year-old woman who  gets excited every time I see one.

I have my reasons. 1) I just generally think they are cool.  2) They remind me of being a little kid in Houston and we would go out after dark with a paper grocery sack and catch as many as we could. Then they would pee and the bottom of the sack would break and they would all get away. (Plastic grocery sacks had not been invented yet)

 3) Most importantly, I worry about the environment. So when I see a toad I think “Yay, maybe there is hope after all.  And T.H. hasn’t gotten too carried away with the herbicide and pesticide.”   Between poisoning them and living in “Red-Neck Central” (where people will eat anything) and the drought, these poor little buggers barely stand a chance.

However, hope is alive here in Kansas and I have passed along my legacy of environmental activism to my daughter.

(Actually, she passed it up to me).

But most importantly I have passed along my frog catching skills so when she turns 56 in 30 years, she will still get excited about seeing and catching frogs.  Giving them a big ol’ kiss before letting them go.



Love,   Cowgirl Red   aka  Terah


P.S. Don’t tell T.H. but when he gets ready to spray his little herbicide poison concoction around our ponds, I have been known to water it down considerable when he’s not looking.  I am an environmental saboteur.




  1. I love toads!! They are just so darn cute. The regular green frogs we have around here I’m not as crazy about and wouldn’t kiss, but still happy to see them. I do really love tree frogs, though. Glad your daughter didn’t fall far from the tree…and sounds like even taught the tree a little somethin’ somethin’–LOL!! 😉

    Oh, I wish he wouldn’t spray those chemicals around the pond, either!! You guys go swimming in there, too!

  2. Morgane Lauf says

    You did teach me how to catch those frogs/toads! Haha! And I will always enjoy them! Love you mom!

  3. Lisa at Greenbow says

    I will always love toads and frogs. I can see that this dog has learned not to pick them up. They taste awful according to Luna (my dog). I haven’t seen a toad in my garden this year. Just tree frogs.

    • Yes Lisa, I don’t want them to kill them. So if they look like they are going for it, I scold them. haha Terah

  4. You my dear are not the only 50something yr old who loves loves frogs! Oh such sweet memories they bring when spied at nite. And those peepers in the spring, what magic this critters bring…
    thanks for the reminder cowgirl!

    • Yes Terri, Back in the day I think we all caught frogs. No one worried about germs haha Terah

  5. Terah I love this froggie – toadsom post! We have beautiful smallish green tree frogs here that are sometime in my garden. I have yet to get an excellent photograph of them but trust me – they are lovely. But no kisses – yuck! Don’t even like people slobbering on me. Horses can blow in my face and that is about it 😉

    • Hi Terrill, It’s just an “air kiss”. haha Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Terah

  6. Great post – made me grin imagining your secret environmental campaign & you passing on your toad loving to your daughter! Fab!

    BTW, I know I’m probably very belated in saying this but your website is looking great!

    Kat Xx

  7. Terah, the second picture is my favorite! Thinking about frogs or toads I have not seen one in ages. The drought probably doesn’t help.

  8. Fun post and I too love toads ~ thanks (A Creative Harbor)

    ps how’s the horseshoe man doing?

  9. Good on you, sis.
    I remember those days in Houston. Toads still hold a fascination with me. However, there are few in Cairo, just geckos that eat the ants that seem to want live in my flat versus outside.