This is the view from the top of my horse on this beautiful day on this beautiful ranch on the 15th day of September, 2013

 It is the harbinger of fall.

I have a new camera.
It’s slung over my shoulder.
One hand on the reins. One hand on the camera.
Looking down at the pre-atumnal glory that is the Kansas Prairie.

I trust my pony is watching where he’s going.
Autumn on the prairie, before the first frost.
After  summer of rain.
A second season of wild flowers.

The tree leaves are thinking about it.

I’ve never noticed this hot pink before.
Baby sunflowers.

The bugs still doing their job.

I know some of these flowers are officially  classified as”weeds”

Aren’t they glorious weeds?
This is Kansas. My Kansas.

Slipping into fall. Right before my eyes.
Love,  Cowgirl Red   aka Terah
The Kansas White Stinkweed.   aka  Misti


  1. How beautiful, Terah! Reminds me of the Minnesota prairie flowers when I was growing up. Wildflowers are not weeds to me. 😉 Misti looks very happy, too. Fall is approaching. Change is in the air.

  2. Morgane Lauf says

    Great photos!!!

  3. Lisa at Greenbow says

    Howdy Terah. Your little slice of Kansas is looking quite beautiful in it’s fall garments. Wildflowers are the icing on the cake to me. Beautiful. I even like the little White Stinkweed. Welcome autumn.

  4. Beautiful Terah. It is 5:20 am and I am up getting us ready to catch the early ferry to our small city this morning. Still dark. Another Harbinger for fall 🙂

  5. …I love the photos but am especially fond of the “stinkweed”….always have been and will be my all time favorite….my pooches are sensing the changing of the seasons too! Hope you are well(seems so) and you continue writing, love your blogs! ♥♥

  6. Beautiful photos Terah. There is much to see from the best seat in the country! Love it!