My friend, the matriarch of this beautiful ranch, sent me a card this morning that read….

“Welcome to Autumn……. the finest time of the year!”
    Earlier in the week she asked me if I’d seen the “Pitcher Sage”. It’s a delicate, periwinkle blue wildflower that grows in Kansas in the late summer and fall. I wasn’t sure. She had seen some while checking cattle. We drove out in the truck so she could show me. Then she told me where she’d seen some more.  This is her ranch of 50 years and believe me, she knows every square inch of it. Plus the real name of “Pitcher Sage”,  Salvia Azurea. (I looked it up)
You know how you can look at something over and over  and never really see it?
Well, I feel that way about the Kansas Prairie.  I lived next door (about a mile) on the neighboring ranch for 6 years. I rode almost every day. But I never really “saw” the Kansas prairie until she started showing it to me through her eyes. 
I am so very grateful as I ride out in search of “Pitcher Sage”.
And the puppy in the sage.
I am so grateful for my new set of lenses
And friendship.
Love,  Cowgirl Red   aka  Terah
Hello Spidey in the Pitcher Sage!


  1. I’ll pass on the spider, but the pitcher sage flowering is beautiful!
    I know the Minnesota prairie can look uniform, too. Prairieland takes a bit of time and close examination to see its true beauty.
    So glad you have such a good friend. 🙂

  2. Lisa at Greenbow says

    You often don’t see the most beautiful things until you start looking with your heart. It looks like a beautiful day in the saddle.

  3. There are lots of cool flowers on the prairie. Sometimes hard to see them through the weeds.