This fall I’ve walked in beauty everyday.

I walk down by the creek behind the house.

It’s good for my mental health.

  After a summer of drought my senses are a dried up sponge.

Tiger Kitty is good for my mental health too. She follows me everywhere.

I try not to trip over her. She does this every time I stop.
I don’t trip over beavers. They stay out of sight. Just leave their dams behind.

And ponds for dogs to swim in.

I tested the strength of their dam building by walking across it. It held.

Beavers know what they’re doing. They’ve been in the construction business for years.

My Mental Health Posse …… always present.

T.H. doesn’t like me to walk down by the creek during hunting season because it scares the deer away. That’s all the motivation I need to keep doing it. I know. I can’t help myself. They’re my friends.

I sit down on a log sometimes and simply take it all in.

I’ll shut up now.  And let you take it in, too.





  1. Thank you. Peaceful.

  2. Laura Stimatze says

    Beautiful pictures as always. Very relaxing to look at. Pictures took a while to load, dont know if its my computer or your web site. Just thought i would mention it. See how it is for others.

  3. Laura Stimatze says

    Time on the post is off,,,,it is 9:11 am

  4. I absolutely love your new site!! Can I come visit you–seriously?? I feel such an affinity for you, Terah. This post is beautiful; your words draw me in, your pics glaze my eyes with love, and your trail guides are gifts. I was just editing some of my own fall pics & videos. You inspired me. Autumn goes by too quick–don’t you think? I could linger in the beauty of fall for months on end. Thank you for capturing the splendor so I can return often to dance in your world.

  5. I love that last photo. How beautiful!! Thanks for sharing these.

  6. Thanks for taking us with you! What a beautiful space to have to walk in! Aaaaah….

    Something I need to take the time and do myself.

    Beautiful pictures too!

  7. Thank you, friend… photos are so beautiful! A wonderful treat to see in the middle of a very hectic day!

  8. Deb Campbell says

    Beautiful, Terah! You will have to take me back there in the spring to take some pictures of you and the Posse. Yes pictures did take long to load but worth the wait!

  9. Oh my Terah, these photo are amazing!!! So very beautiful!

  10. These images are really beautiful and relaxing. I wish I was walking through your woods!

  11. Love your photos, you are always at the right place at the right time! Thank you for the peek into you life, GRATITUDE! Cheri

  12. I’d be walking down by the creek with the buddy troop every chance I got! It is beautiful there. And did I see me some cottonwoods?!! 😉

    You’ve been awfully quiet lately. I hope everything is okay your way?
    Best to you and yours. :):)

  13. Tom LC Ranch says

    Great, as usual Terah. Fall seldom disappoints the eye, and your blog never disappoints our mental health 🙂

  14. Morgane Lauf says

    The pics loaded fine for me. They are so beautiful and peaceful! I love that tiger kitty. She is so cute!

  15. Lisa at Greenbow says

    Aaahhhhhhh, what a lovely walk. So very soothing. Be careful that you aren’t a target for the hunters. I don’t trust anyone with a gun, especially one that is looking for something to shoot.
    I used to have a cat that would follow me all around the garden. A fun memory. It is that memorable time of year.

  16. I love the fall! It’s so nice with those pretty crisp days…then you are slammed into icy roads, frozen waters and bunks to shovel out. Then you are sitting there like, “What the heck just hppened!?!” Hee have a great day buddy!
    Fairchild Farmgirl

  17. I love the pics – will have to come visit soon