This blog post was originally published in 2012. Which was before the  “Great Escape”  of 2013.

 I finished the quilt. I’ve got my mojo back!

Quilting for Karma   …..  2014

I had a treasure chest in a Justin Boot Box.

 I bought a whole box full of vintage quilt blocks for about $40. This is only about 1/10th of what was in there.

I would never tackle a project like these blocks even with modern fabrics.  It’s much too tedious for me. But there is something about these precious unfinished quilts that I just cannot leave alone.

These fabrics were someone’s blouse, skirt or kitchen curtains. I can see it.

I think they originated around the time that I was born in the 1950’s.

I can’t stand the fact that somebody lovingly created these gems but never got to finish their quilt. What happened?   I am driven to finish them, but in my own style. I lay the blocks out and look at them for a few days. Then it hits me what to do. This time I created the sashing with some chambray I had in my stash.

I always know that I am on the right path when I finish a vintage piece and I am able to use every square. When the math comes out right I know “she’s” with me.

Most interesting to me is the fact that here again …. I used exactly every  inch of the chambray that I had. I did not pre-measure it. I merely started cutting it up and sewing. It came out exactly right.

That is when I know that my Muse is in the room…… again.

It’s a wonderful feeling. I’m not surprised anymore when it happens.

I call it Quilting for Karma.

So when I got myself settled in Crazy Town  and set my studio back up, I made a pact with myself to finish all the vintage quilt tops that I already own before I buy any more.  I immediately broke that pact with myself during rainy day binge shopping on Etsy and Ebay.  We had record rainfall this year.   I digress……..

         I wonder if  “She” is pleased.

I think she is. I can feel it.

When everything ends up just right. When you didn’t have a plan. And just listened to “her”.   That inner voice that tells you that this is good.       That all is well.  That we’re all in this together.   Past, present and future. 

Namaste,  Ya’ll.

Love, Cowgirl Red    aka Terah


P.S.  I’ve been invited by the Hutchinson Art Center to exhibit my quilts at the Hutchinson Public Library for the month of October. This quilt will be one that goes there.  I’m very excited for this and will keep you all posted with details when it gets closer.  I will use my blog as part of an interactive way of displaying and telling the story of each piece.  I’m not sure how it’s all going to work but I think “She’s” got it.  XOXOXO