I thought I would share a little “Quiet Time” with you today.

We were trailing some cattle home from a pasture 5 miles away.

It’s the Kansas way.

You take some really gentle momma cows and calves.

Put a feed truck in front of them and a horse behind them.

And you have a “Walking Meditation”.



I know that competing is exciting.

  In fact, it’s down right exhilarating.

 Yet, without these quiet times in between.

It is not sustainable.

 Not in the least.

 For me or my pony.

Love, Cowgirl Red  aka  Terah

P.S. * “Walking Meditation”  stolen from Julia Cameron.


  1. Lisa at Greenbow says

    I love hearing the clopping of the hooves, wind blowing and seeing those red ears popping into view. What a lovely walk.

  2. How peaceful!!
    I just LOVE the horses checking out the menagerie clomping by. They gave me a giggle.
    My life can only take so much excitement. I need my quiet time. Always have. This was healing. 🙂