Discombobulated.  I have been using that word alot lately to describe myself.
I actually thought it was a made up word. I like the sound of it.
It’s like “Bippity Boppity Boo”.
Driving to town yesterday with TH feeling discombobulated again, I wondered out loud,
“Do you think that is a real word or made up word?” Like he would know.
TH has not quite mastered English yet.
Last night while vegging to March Madness w/ TH I get out my trusty Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary 11th addition. And surprise, surprise!  It is a word; it has a meaning; and it describes me to a “T” these past 3 weeks.
It’s a verb. It means upset, confused. It was invented around 1916.
It is an alteration of  “Discompose”  Go down seven words and here it is.
“Discompose” a verb, means to destroy the composure of -or- to disturb the order of.
Awwww now we are getting somewhere.
Synonyms  are Disquiet, Disturb, Perturb, Agitate, Upset, Fluster
Bingo!  Now that I am on the other side of it, it’s funny. As always.
I’m not complaining (much). I know I have a fantastic life. But sometimes the discombobulation sneaks up and kicks my ass.
 Why? Good question. I have no real concrete answer after 55 years on the planet, a fortune in therapy, self help books, seminars, lessons, sororities, retreats, spas, classes, the occasional xanax, a tanker load of Christian Brothers Brandy, a 12-step program, 3 husbands, 2 college degrees, hundreds of massages, yoga classes, hormone therapy, acupuncture and psychics.
Now I must (mis)-quote my favorite philosopher ,Yoda.
 “There is no why.  There just is. You ask to many questions”
It is called a “Yard Sale” when you fall skiing or get bucked off a horse and your stuff is scattered all over the mountain. People laugh as you go gather up your hat, poles, skis, boots, glasses, horse, tampons, keys, lipstick, money, phone, camera, water bottle, whisky flask, sandwhich… secret contents of your pockets.
It just happens.   It just happened to me. (Minus the whisky flask)  I’m on the other side of it now. That “yard sale” in my mind and body. I’ve been picking up my “stuff “and laughing (not out loud yet)
Thanks for hanging in there with me. It means alot. I’m back. 
Love, Cowgirl Red   aka  Terah
PS    I could never have a real yard sale.  The thought of strangers touching my stuff, making comments, and dickering over the price….  Yikes! I would be looking for that whisky flask after all these years. Instead, I just give everything away. 


  1. At least after you live long enough you know that when you feel discombobulated (I also like that word) it will pass. Only because you've lived thru it and survived enough times. 🙂 And knowing that whatever darkness will pass can help make the path shorter to get to the other side. Sometimes I think the ups and downs are just a living thing cycle we keep going thru. Earth is a rough but glorious place. Yes, Yoda–sometimes there is no why that we can see or understand. But if you need somebody to hold your bag and turn their head away while to pick up your secret stuff… 😉

    Glad you're back, Terah. 🙂

  2. pluckychickenheart says

    Terah you are not alone with your yard sale itis. I think there is a universal shift in consciousness taking place on the planet right now. Some people attribute it to the solar maximum cycle and the increase in magnetic rays to the planet. Some people attribute it to the earth changes taking place as we have seen in Japan and New Zealand. Honestly, I have no clue but I do think we are collectively feeling tremendous growing pains. I'll hang in there with you. We'll make it through!

  3. Cowgirl Red says

    Rita, How sweet and thoughtful. And I would do the same for you. I like the "rough but glorious".xoxo

    Mari, Thank you. It helps to know that we are all in this together. xoxo

  4. Catherine... says

    Yippee, your back….I've missed you and the posse and everything…. I'm so sorry you have been feeling Dis-com-bob-u-lated…. It's hard to come out of it sometimes…just have to keep trudging though and eventually come back sunny side up…. and boy girl, do you carry a lot of stuff in your handbag….. and…. skiing with a horse down a mountain your just bound to go splat…. next time you feel Disco Bob creeping up on you….give us a shout and we'll bung him on the horse and send him skiing down the mountain…. Big hugs…

  5. Cowgirl Red says

    Cat, loving your visual imagery! Your little notes have hastened the departure of Big Bad Disco Bob. Much love xoxo. Terah

  6. Anna Circo says

    Fantastic post and great word too. That's why my blog is called Sewing Through The Muck…I've had many 'yard sales.' We could share some fun stories I think. And thanks for stopping by today. 🙂

  7. Sloane Solanto says

    Well said. I too am on the other side of it. I hate the feeling of discombobulation…excellent choice of word by the way. It hit me so bad a few weeks ago I left work! I didn't take one sick day last year and I go home, get in the bed and slept all day! That is very unlike me, but I just couldn't help it. But I felt better the next day..I guess sometimes we just need to stop and accept the feeling and have faith that it will pass. Hang in there lady, thanks for sharing your feelings with us, it's good to know we are not alone. :o)

  8. Cowgirl Red says

    Anna, Thanks, we have much to share.

    Sloane, Thanks for your support We are all in this journey together. xoxo Terah

  9. i just love how you write what I feel..thank you ~humbly*

  10. Glad your Back…………hope things smooth out and be OK….for you. Miss seeing you and am dying to do some horse therapy. Or Dog therapy!!!!!!! or even just lunch. Hope you have a good week.

  11. Oh boy…we’ve all had that. For a while I kept looking for the “treasure” in everything and didn’t realize the treasure was really in the hunt. I hope that makes sense.

    Thanks for the phone call yesterday. It was a blast to talk to you! You were truly a bright spot in my day!