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Tip Dear Friends, One week after I posted the blog about  This Old Dog, Tip ,  he left me behind and went to the other side.   There was an accident and he was gone.  I was unprepared for the extent of my grief. I wasn’t ready.  I was happy taking care of my old friend […]

After my recent epiphany that quilting is like Canned Soup  (artistically speaking, of course, for myself only) I know I can do this myself and it will taste better. I purchased one item.  A Bernina Free Hand Quilting Foot for $40. Then I watched a couple videos on YouTube. This is our maiden voyage.  I am in […]

In June I blogged about my non-process of putting this quilt together. Fiber Art 10, My Muse Was In The Room I was so excited about it at the time, then I let it sit for three months before I took it to my Custom Quilter to finish.  I am in a quandary as to […]

Last November I spent a week with my Aunt Sandra in Santa Fe.  I called it a week long “Artist’s Date”.    Aunt Sandra had a successful Interior Design Business in the 1980’s. While I was there she bestowed upon me her “Stash” of designer fabrics. They would qualify now as vintage or retro. I get […]

This year I have witnessed a huge shift in consciousness on this ranch regarding dogs and cattle. Specifically, T.H.’s regard for my dog and our cattle. T.H. has evolved to a higher place energetically and he doesn’t even know it. A normal person would not notice. But I notice.  I’m borderline psychic. In the old […]